Lando (Disney+ series)

I agree in part. But I see the influence of other types of films in some of the new Star Wars. Solo kept switching genres - car chase movie, war picture, western train heist, etc. Mandalorian's a spaghetti western (at least it started that way).
You could say that they're just drawing from those styles of films just because that's what Lucas drew from, and maybe that's true. But how do you stay true to the Star Wars esthetic without drawing on Star Wars? Fans get mad at anything that goes to far away from they think of as Star Wars. Yet if they draw too much from "nostalgia," stay too close to what Lucas created, people hate those too. Maybe it's not as fine a line as that, but it's a difficult line to straddle.

IMO the way 'Solo' hopped around those genres was part of what made it feel like SW. It's part of what made it fun.

Disney has done two decent SW movies, 'Solo' and 'Rogue One.' Both times they were stepping off the main path of the Skywalker episodes. It's the only healthy way forward IMO.

Spending $300m chasing past box-office glories is a failing business model. It's how you get 'Terminator: Dark Fate' and 'The Rise of Skywalker' and 'Indy: Dial of Destiny'. They need to take a hard look at their situation with these franchises and start aiming lower. Lower budgets, lower expectations, and less corporate morons dictating creative choices.
The universe has been created, really what would make me happy would be to jump to another part of the Star Wars universe & start again, with a brand new cast & a brand new enemy, not empire & rebels, & jump forward a couple of hundred years, really just like Star Trek next Gen did, mentioning the legends before, but moving forward & outward

But I know what they’d do,…they’d bring in Grogu & Chewie etc, creatures that live for hundreds of years

They need to stop focussing on what has been done before, no need for us to find out more about younger Han, Luke, Leia & Lando or what Ben did when he was exiled on Tattooine watching over young Luke

They rely too much on rememberberries

No arguments from me about that. I just have a feeling that even if they went in that direction and took inspiration from other sources like George did for the OT, they’d still get slated for it.
No arguments from me about that. I just have a feeling that even if they went in that direction and took inspiration from other sources like George did for the OT, they’d still get slated for it.
I agree. At this point with the fans being so divided and it kind of being popular to automatically bash anything a big studio does, and esp. with a major IP, Disney will face a ton of criticism no matter what they do or don't do. Continue with the heavy DCEI and more (perceived wokeness they'll get bashed for it. Go in the other direction and remove that they'll still get bashed for doing so. Allow their stories to be more influenced by other, older stories they'll be criticized for doing so. But go a completely original route they'll be bashed for going their own direction and it not being Star Wars enough and not do enough to pull from the other movies/shows, the old EU, etc.
Well that's the reason all businesses should have stayed out of politics or "woke" things because they just ticked off both sides of whatever it is. They need to stick to hiring writers who can write good stories and original stories. There's only so many properties to hijack-ruin and old properties to reboot (and probably ruin). The writers they have now don't seem to know hot to write anything interesting that's a new original property. And yes I know SW always had politics, I'm talking about inserting current politics. Who knew that would be divisive?

I think we started seeing this with the Prequels when some fans said "WTH is this?" and Lucas said "That's the story." Some fans said "It sucks we wanted little Anakin pulling the wings off flies then going on a killing spree for three movies!" and Lucas just said "That was THE story!". The problem now is that Disney/Lucasfilm has just about, or already, spent EVERY bit of goodwill that Lucasfilm built up over the last 46 years by putting out crap and then saying if we don't like it we're a -ist or a -phobe instead of figuring out they have bad writers who don't know SW.
What worked so well in the original movies is that Lando was black. Han was white and it was NEVER pointed out to anyone.

They had a history, were frienemies, and had each other’s back when it counted the most.

That’s the problem today.

Characters can’t just be characters.

They have to be a demographic.
It's like porn. We know it when we see it. Except you have to look at the porn twice, you know to make sure, whereas you don't watch bad SW a second time. :lol:
It's a funny reply for sure, but as always it seems that question can never get a serious answer.

So much so, that i'm quickly getting the impression that there is no such thing, which makes it just a handy line to use when criticising.
What throws me with the whole Star Wars thing is that it's explicitly "a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away" and one that has, in canon, millennia of history and stories that have only been tangentially touched on or mentioned.
The Old Republic, the Sith Wars, - there's millennia of stories there that are in the Star Wars universe, that have Jedi's and Lightsabers, heroes and villains, starships and rogues. Spread your narratives throughout the centuries of untouched lore and tell whatever stories you want.
It's Star Trek all over again - why keep trying to squeeze more and more stories into the same, ever-shrinking piece of continuity-riddled time? It's almost like they're determined to "do something new" but also too afraid to "do something new".
Modern TV and Movie writers seem both incapable of coming up with new ideas, and unwilling to genuinely homage existing ideas so they just keep taking someone else's stories and bending them and twisting them, until they snap.
I would LOVE to see a Star Wars series set in the Old Republic, millennia before the OT era. The cinematics from The Old Republic MMO are actually really cool, and way more interesting than a lot of what Disney has been pumping out.
Best of all, the only fans they'd risk offending here will be EU fans - the SW general public wouldn't have a clue. I simply can't understand why Disney hasn't even tried to step away from the same narrow timeframe.

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