Lando (Disney+ series)

I'm not sure that Lando has an interesting enough backstory to make it worth creating a series about him.

Don't you recall? Donald Glover said in 2018 that Lando was "pan-sexual" so there's lots of stories they can tell

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"The Continuing Adventures of a Rogue Named Lando" would be a great show, especially with Glover. He straight up stole Solo every time he was on screen.

But the Disney of today can't make it.
Not an enjoyable version of it anyway.

I remember this being announced shortly after Solo...

That's still 2018/2019 announcement timeframe. It's common for stuff like this to take a few years to bounce around and gestate. And nearly everything entertainment and film based lost the majority of the pandemic. Almost everything besides the big budget "must make" kind of things got soft canceled by just not having any resources or energy put into them to save cash.

Now studios are stretching back out and getting things cranking again. We're essentially in a pandemic free 2020 as far as this show's schedule is concerned.

If the show has actually been handed off to Glover's team and production studio that did Atlanta, then this stands half a chance of happening, as long as budget doesn't get pulled.

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