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So I thought I would consolidate all of my Fury Road stuff into one thread. I will be doing more projects just as slow as I usually do. I have a few other wheels in mind I would like to do. I will also be completing my femur shift knob thing. I just decided I wanted to do them all in one thread.

Here is my stuff together. I was originally going to post a bunch of photos of the group before I put them away back in the closet but I really suck at taking pictures and they all looked like garbage including these ones:


I don't think I posted this guy before:

I am planning on making a small base for it that mimics the shifter in the Gigahorse.

A few more pics with links to old threads if anyone is interested.

The Razor Cola wheel:

More info: Razor Cola Wheel

Razor Cola Skull

More info here: Razor Cola Skull

Nux Steering Wheel

More info here: Nux Steering Wheel(s)

Nux Bobbleheads

More info here: Nux Bobbleheads

Here is the beginning of my War Rig shifter. I am using real bone for this.

I intend to finish this soon.
I will be doing more wheels and just for fun, I will be doing a miniature Gigahorse using Hotwheels bodies and a soldered brass frame. I don't have any pictures of that yet.

Oh yeah, I also built this for my kid. The bolt are rubber BTW:

I am also open to suggestions as well.
Thanks for looking.
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Love these! I've been obsessed with this movie since it came out, and I think you've done a spectacular job. As for suggestions, I'm sure you've already considered most of these, but how about the Immortan's Mask or Sceptre? theres a couple of other iconic steering wheels from the movie as well, so you could do the Bullet Farmer's or Furiosa's. I haven't seen anyone tackle the latter in metal yet, which would be quite the undertaking. You could even look at making the Doofwarrior's guitar minus the flamethrower, (or what the heck, make the flamethrower, I'm not your dad). Theres also Max's gardening fork mask, as well as furiosa's arm. thats all i can think of off the top of my head, but I hope you'll post any new additions to the collection


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You have some good ideas. Some have been done very well and are readily available for purchase. I am planning a bullet farmer wheel. A couple of members here did a great job with theirs.

The Doof guitar. I've thought about it. I did a preliminary search for parts. It is doable but expensive. And I would never make something that doesn't actually work! ;) Would love to have that.

As for Furiosa's wheel.... I have yet to find the maker of the original piece. I am in no way convinced it (the skull) was made of metal. I suppose it is possible. I would like to have one of course. The couple replicas I have seen done were not particularly convincing.

I am thinking of this to go with my other Nux stuff.
1 (34).jpg

The thing that is difficult with Fury Road is ID'ing the junk they used. Even once Id'd, finding them is another matter. The one part I was forced to fabricate on the Nux wheel is a part that was a one off to begin with. Some of the parts are so obscure that they become expensive as Hell.


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So this is the little 1/64 Gigahorse I am doing as a fun project. It will probably be played with and thus destroyed by my kid. Because of this, I need a strong frame. I decided on soldered brass. The large plate(s) is so I have extra surface to mount the bodies on.

Sorry for crappy cell phone pics!


I scaled the plans to fit the car and then I use that as a template for the scale and shape of the frame and soon the axles.


I got a couple wee little engines. I will modify them to be a bit more accurate later.

It is a good match for scale.

Here are my materials. Various round and square rod, bar and tubing.

That's about it for now. I really only plan on soldering the main part of the frame and axles. I will try to be accurate in size and shape with the parts.
I just want a strong rolling chassis. As for the interior, at this scale, I do not plan much. I might just black out the windows. I am not sure yet. If all goes according to plan, it will end up looking pretty decent.... I hope.
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I'm going to do this wheel which was sold on Propstore I think. Claimed it was a altar wheel, although I do not see it in any of the screencaps I have. Nevertheless, I like it and therefore, I will make it.

Here is my base wheel. I probably will not bother cracking the wheel in the appropriate spots. I suppose I could, but I plan on selling this wheel to use. I don't think i would like to have big cracks like that if I were to drive with it. We'll see.


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cool pieces, man. Fury Road was awesome.

I dream of building a model War Rig but in reality I’ll probably never do it, lol. It so intimidating.


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cool pieces, man. Fury Road was awesome.

I dream of building a model War Rig but in reality I’ll probably never do it, lol. It so intimidating.
Thanks! As far as the War Rig goes.... Do it. There is a guy who does a decent 3d printed one but he charges thousands. Yikes.


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Not the exact same drip oiler, but I'm okay with it as I'm going to get rid of this wheel. It is however the correct size. And I got the right fan spacer.


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Anybody have any idea what this thing (red arrow) is that the fan spacer (green arrow) attaches to? The diameter would be around 3.25".
220773_9 (2).jpg

220775_9 (2).jpg

More pics HERE


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Great thread I love the bike, great to incorporate the kids Love it!!
He still rides that thing. I kinda wish he'd get rid of it so I can get him an old school bmx....

Some more progres. As you can see, I am deviating from the original design. I just decided to kind of replicate this. Details (fittings)and finish (rust) I am no longer concerned about. Also, I don't know if I like the springs on this thing. I might also fill the oiler up too...

Not sure. I am amazed at my lack of commitment to correctly replicate this...


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So I am calling this done.

I am happy with my inaccuracies. Like I said earlier, I just finished it with what I had on hand. I decided not to match the patina of the original because I liked the way it looks.

I had springs on it, but I personally did not like them, and they move around so I took them off. The metal wire I did differently as well because.... I just did. I also used different fittings.

It is kind of liberating when not doing something exact.

Oh yeah, I felt the drip oiler should have oil in it too. It is all sealed up so it doesn't leak.

It weighs a lot.

What do you think?






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Toying with the 1/64 Gigahorse. At this small scale it is difficult for me to solder without desoldering my previous work. This is just a proof of concept rear axle. Trying to see if I could do it while keeping the wheels straight. It seems to have worked, but I need to make it a bit nicer and with brackets.
I am only doing the chassis, axles and shocks from brass for strength. I don't want a plastic car that's going to fall apart.

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