Explorers Thunder Road 1:1 scale build

Next up I'll share the info on the trash can. For a long time I searched the internet for the accurate trash can that matches the one on screen. I previously had a 1960s witt as a placeholder. The screen used can is also a witt can, but from the 1940s. These cans are pretty hard to find and there's different sizes and details on each one, I looked at a lot that looked nearly identical until I would notice one tiny barely noticeable difference. (Rivet spacing, the flange at the bottom of the can and overall size of the can) well I got super lucky and found one about 2 hours away from me on marketplace that was an EXACT match for the can in the movie. So I made the trip and brought it home. Keep in mind the can in the movie was painted silver (for some reason)

The movie can:


And my can:


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