mad max fury road

  1. Scapey

    New article about Doof Warrior's guitar from Mad Max : Fury Road

    Some excellent photos and information on the build! Looks like the part at the side that I thought was part of a seat is in fact a cut-up cymbal, that's had a rim added to it for safety purposes :)...
  2. Mako

    Doof Warrior build 2021

    Just wanted to share my Coma doof warrior cosplay from Mad Mad: Fury Road. Maybe it will help someone later down the road :) Happy post-Halloween/Day of the Dead everyone!
  3. DaBuild

    MAD MAX: fury road - FURIOSA's ARM full metal build video

    Hello fellow makers! Here's my latest build video. It's FURIOSA'S ARM from the movie MadMax: Fury Road! It's fully made of metal, old tools, leather, cables, bolts, rivets and a lot sweat! It was one hell of a challenge! I hope you guys enjoy it! Cheers! Dan
  4. Frantikgirl

    Mad Max Fury Road - The War Rig - 1/25 Scale Kit Bash Build

    After seeing the latest Mad Max, I thought: "Boy, I sure do love Fury Road. Wouldn't it be cool to make a model of the War Rig! How hard could it be? I'll just kit bash a couple of models together." Five years, seven individual model kits, hundreds of reference photos, and an incalculable...
  5. saint357

    Blood Bag Muzle From Mad Max fury Road

    MY NAME IS MAX. MY WORLD IS FIRE AND BLOOD! In my continuing quest to make quarantine fun i have decide to make different kinds of face masks from various genera of movies, TV and video games. so here's my latest face mask. It's the iconic blood bag muzzle from Mad Max Furry Road! while i...
  6. DeLano80

    DeLano80's Ongoing Mad Max Fury Road Stuff

    So I thought I would consolidate all of my Fury Road stuff into one thread. I will be doing more projects just as slow as I usually do. I have a few other wheels in mind I would like to do. I will also be completing my femur shift knob thing. I just decided I wanted to do them all in one...