Animatronic hand prototype V2!


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Animatronic hand prototype V2 is now in testing!


I only made the first two fingers so I could see how the gears & gearbox concept would work. Initially the concept was to make a single gearbox on a longer bolt & both gears, but that didn't pan out for the angling & spacing of the fingers.

Thus far the gear ratio with the 1/2" dowel & 1 1/4" salvaged shovel handle seems about right for the finger curling. =)

It is apparent that the angling between the fingers is important as if done wrong the fingertips will hit each other when the fingers are fully folded.

(here is a video of the 1st version:

What do you think?

(posting of 1st version is over here:


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Yes, my next costume build for use at next April's Calgary Comic Expo: G1 Transformers Devastator, toy version ( It will be a 9' stilted costume. My disguised arms will come out the sides of the robot's torso and my hands will enter at the rear of the robot's forearms. Here is the rough vertical proportion: Proportion V2_zpskgiqa8u3.jpg

I'm hopeful to have the skeleton functional before Halloween so I can do a basic Frankenstein outfit; the fine detail of the robot can come later.

The other essential elements of the 'skeleton' are minor improvements to the 15" foam-riser+support stilts ( stilts_zpsmvq8uhbk.jpg), a torso harness & frame system that I've only started designing ( system V1_zpst7zdz0ou.jpg), a headband rig to turn the robot's head with mine as the robot's will be mounted on a turntable bearing with a 5" hole in the middle, and some small print regarding mounting 4 5V fans, LED's, and sound effects.


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Wow! That's going to be one impressive build! Good luck and I hope you can get it all nailed down.
I'll def be watching your progress.
When you get the final hands built would you be willing to share the part-list and schematics?


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Certainly. I've at least one more hand prototype to do to work through my design ideas before moving to the first for-use design. For example, after improving the finger function I need to design a way of enclosing the bottoms of the fingers and attaching basic gripping surfaces (though the hands won't be used for anything over a few pounds).

The for-use build will also mean an upgrade of materials. At the moment I'm thinking towards aluminum & fishing line, but we'll see.

I'll try to do a better job of linking my posts as well, or at least ensuring that you can find all related posts by checking my profile's thread list.

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