1:1 Scale Snowspeeder (T-47 Airspeeder) build.


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Confirmation of my measurements continues. The overall cockpit space is pretty tight now that i am starting to install the Port and Starboard control panels either side of the cockpit. I was pretty excited to finally sit one of my latches in place and do a photo compare.

I calculated the panel sizes through the latch (RW found part-Thanks Wavey!) and Uher slider knobs.

The control panels are a structural base of pine with the detail of the panels made from 5mm MDF (A composite type board).

"Attack pattern Delta!"



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Had to visit the T-47 spare parts shop (side of the road) and started to collect some great detailing parts. One of them this old vacuum cleaner that i pulled apart. I will use this for some of the rear engine detailing. The only good photo of this area is the one below. other than that all of the models and toys have various design details that dont match. Looks like a motor cycle sprocket in the center but these are expensive so until i find a cheap one the Vac greebles will do.




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My design for the rear is as per my sketch below. Greebles recessed within a frame that the cooling fins will be attached to. I built up the engine in layers to give it some depth, added pipes and tubing and a random VW door lock i had lying around. Bear in mind most of this is hidden by the cooling fins.

I then made a giant jig to cut the fins to shape so they all matched. I then clamped them all together and hit them with the sander so they all match perfectly with rounded corners. Still some wood grain showing so i will coat with a filler to get a nice smooth finish later.





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Got the rear cooling fins completed that will feed the tow cable. It was a bit more work than i expected but happy with it. I cannot do the film accurate detailing as this will just not be practice for the smooth flow of the cable. Within the box section i will insert parallel rollers for the cable to feed through. Good shot Janson!
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