1:1 Scale Snowspeeder (T-47 Airspeeder) build.


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Everybody has fantasies. Some achievable, some not. But this one is within my grasp.

Fresh off our Speeder bike build i am feeling pretty confident to build a version of the Hoth Snowspeeder. I plan on building a version that will be the same size as the full size prop (See my sizing research link below) used for cockpit close ups and Echo base shots. The reason for building this size is;
a) Will fit into my garage.
b) Easy to build on a movable trailer that will be road legal.
c) My wife says she can use it as a coffin for me..

Bike build here.

Snowspeeder sizing research here;

Also i dip my hat to Forum Member blewis17 who posted this totally relevant commercial. So funny.
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To show the end goal i made this Bandai 1:48 (Great kit) also to get some idea of colouring i want to achieve. It is whiter than the prop scale model but to my eyes the prop scale models never matched how dirty the full size prop was.

My build plan is to have folding wings so save on space and help make transporting easier. There is a panel line on each wing that should provide enough clearance to leave most of the laser cannons attached for transport.




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Yesterday i totally butchered a Revell kit just to test my design. I got some small radio control plane hinges for the build. It appears that it should work. I can easily hide the hinges under the wing bulk heads and the hinge line/folding edge can use the existing panel line on the prop.

The only problem i can foresee is the front edge and trying to hide the join. Provided i build this area accurately and strong it should match up OK. I will hide the long join with flexible rubber.

So the only parts that will need to be disconnected for transport will be bulk head covers and probably the rear laser. Provided i build it no wider than 1600mm (with wings folded) i should be totally street legal for transport purposes.



Slowly gathering the parts that really matter to me for this build. The copilot area always looked so much more interesting than the pilots seat.

The structure is just sheets of ply but it will be the details that will help sell it. It is also a lot of fun trying to work out what is what. Some of these items are super rare or hyper expensive due to the Star Wars Collectors Tax. The Aircraft parts are just too expensive to buy all of them so i will be scratch building some of them. I did buy a Pressure switch (Thanks Wavey) that will be used in several places (part with the small hose coming out of it). Happy for anybody to pick out anything i have missed.

Great project for sure! As for the parts of the cockpit: the "hinged" aluminum part over the green water bottle (lower right hand side of your pic) was done 1:1 scale by Sofa King. You could PM him to see if he could get the part printed for you;) That piece is on top of the main console in the MF cockpit.
You may find (like Sofaking did) some people on here willing to 3d model some of the parts for printing (at no charge). A lot of people have helped Sofaking just to be part of such an amazing build. The snow speeder is my favorite Star Wars vehicle so I'd be willing to model a part or two if you need the help.
Thanks guys, Yeah, the Sofa King build is awesome! And i agree no point reinventing the wheel if somebody else has already done it. I will reach out to him. I see his YouTube videos have all vanished?.. I got some local friends that can help with custom 3D bits so that is great. There is no doubt this craft is a favorite of many. I always thought of it as a flying go-cart with cannons :cool:.
The collecting continues. I sourced this really nice quilted pleather for the cockpit lining (it also features on the cockpit roof). Slightly off white and the size of the squares is a pretty good match. I got this from our local fabric chain (Spotlight) for $60.

The Gio style water bottles are taking a little longer to source. I found a cheap supplier in Saudi Arabia but the postage was going to be $150USD ! .



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Started on making the latches for the cockpit.
This part is brass and aluminium and was fairly easy. The other sections of this latch will need to be sculpted and cast.
I used a brass rod and tapped the edges down to create a rivet type seal that stopped the flat plate from falling apart. Tube inside keeps the spacing consistent.


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Really cool project. Just read through the sizing thread. Those slide carousels are just one of those things that look so obvious in hindsight.
Productive weekend. Molded and cast my Ford escort speedo dial. There are definitely four of these in the copilot leg area. Ill be putting some in the pilots area also. A) because i have them and they are a nice greeble. B) no photos exist of this area so prove me wrong:).

The canopy latch is coming along nicely. I cast some blocks of resin and started carving away. With my digitial calipers i was able to get some pretty accurate measurements. A little more refining then time to mold and cast. The sanded finish on the resin should give a nice texture of burnished aluminium once i have painted it all.





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First canopy latch mostly completed. Couple of flaws in the cast as the resin went off too quick (yes, i was rushing). The 'Press' detail i had engraved by a local engraver. Before i could ask him for a quote he had it done for $15, exactly matches a photograph and made to the correct scale. It is perfect. I incorporated this into my sculpt and provides some realism to the piece.

Very happy with the finished piece. Ill finish it with some metallic paint but leave the brass rod details.

Five more to go!



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