Y-wing... Why Not... SS Y-wing Build by mjhenks.

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Thank you to [mention]dtssyst [/mention] for the reminder of the bulkhead plates to set the right spacing. Rebuild underway and so far so good



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Looking great! I love seeing so many builders taking this project on. Our community has benefited greatly from the open source sharing of project IP and skills.


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The last week i was able to almost catch up with my cockpit. After using the right bulkhead profile i have the fit right and the tubes now align.

Thank you again dtssyst

Cardboard pattern


Test Fit. Man that bulkhead detail cast is messed up!


Did i mention I totally messed up the bulkhead detail cast piece? Way too short now.

I am not able to get a new one for a few months so i figured i would try and fix it and see if it looks presentable. Using styrene i built out the top and sides to what i think it would have looked like. It looks alot better in primer and i filled the bottom gaps too but no image. Once mounted it will look fine.


I also spent time finish fitting the cockpit halves and that will go together this week.

Since i am missing alot of nurnies right now i moved to the engines. A little disappointment and then a little "go crazy".

I realized i did not get my Saturn lines quite right. The molded full vertical "rails" or pipes are not at the right rotation. Both side are off a bit. I figured the slot for the wing would have been the seam line for the Saturn V body. Guess not.

I am NOT going to fix this. Too expensive so i will adapt. I am OK with that.

I went ahead and attached the T-struts & nose cones so i could start working on the engine details. My own 3D printed T-rail jig.

Man, my workbench is a mess.....


BTW. DO NOT use Mercury Adhesive CA glue accelerator with a model painted with filler primer. It acts as an instant solvant. I ran out of Satellite City NCF Quick and tried this stuff instead. Ordered more NCF.

Then i could not help but do a teaser shot. Finally realizing in person how big this model is.



Engines and cockpit next and then i will have to stall as i ID my missing nurnies and wait for them.

HELP Can anyone point me to some good starboard and port side images for Tie Killer. Neck area and just in front of the wings specifically. I am having a heck of a time finding good ones to ID the nurnies. Have good ones from Red Jammer but i think it is different.


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This is a good one for the Port side, neck area:
Left Side - Neck.jpg

This is Gold 2, but the long detail appears to be the same:

This is good for the Starboard (Right) side, neck area:
Forward Bottom Right.jpg

Another one:

Tie Killer Side.jpg

This is Gold 2, same side. I'm not 100% sure it's got the same detail as Gold Leader, but these might be useful:

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