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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by DaveG, Aug 5, 2016.

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    The Y-Wing is coming into it's own! With the resurgence of interest in this venerable fighter it seemed only appropriate to combine links to the various Y-Wing projects and reference materials into one thread and sticky it for easy reference.

    Please send me links to threads I've missed.

    Studio Scale Builds/Mods and Repaints:
    DaveG's Open Source Y Wing Project -
    DaveG's "Green Leader" Y-Wing - Paint and Detailing -
    Online file repository for DaveG's Y Wing project -
    MonsieurTox's Y Pattern Build -
    Scott Graham's Build -
    DaveG's Molding and Casting Tutorials -
    Ollois Master Replica's Y-Wing Repaint -
    Guy Cowen's Niesen Y-Wing Kit Build -
    Jkirkon's Galactic Resin T-Wing Kit Build -
    Avanut's Nice-N Kit Build -
    Hammer3246's Build -
    Jason Eaton's Red Leader Build -
    Assembly instruction for Nice-N Models Y Kit -
    MonsieurTox's Red Jammer Build -
    Wingnit's 1/24 Scale Y Build -
    Lazyeagle's styrene scratch build -
    Scott Peterson's "Grey 6" Y Wing Build -
    Kokkari's "TIE Killer" Y-Wing Build -
    Jaime M's "Grey 2" Build -
    Boba Flint's MOM Y-Wing Build -
    Marc Carnet's Y Wing Build -

    Non-Studio Scale Builds:
    1/12 Scale Y-Wing Build -
    FrightMaker's Bandai Y-Wing Kit Build -
    Brandomack's Bandai Y-Wing Clone Wars Build -
    Korben44's Bandai Y-Wing Kit Build -
    TazMan2000's 1/16 Scale Y-Wing Build -

    Reference Materials and Parts ID's:
    The Y-Wing Identification Thread -
    Master Part ID's and Maps thread -
    Y-Wing Parts ID Help -
    Y Wing Cockpit Info -
    Original Part ID Thread -
    Red Jammer Parts Maps -
    ID thread for the Dampers/Nose Cone Clips -
    Y-Wing Decals -

    Parts Runs, Kits & Misc:
    Kit Parts Casting Run -
    DaveG's Armature Run -
    DaveG's Cockpit Fuselage and L'Eggs Parts Run -
    Parts Exchange -
    Gus76's brilliant 3D printed cockpit limited run -
    Digital Y-Wing in Rogue One -
    Gold Leader 2017 Kit Alert -
    Nacelle Clips Parts Run -
    PDF Instructions for Nicen's Gold Leader Kit -
    BowmanArts' 3D printed parts on Shapeways -
    Studio Kitbash's Parts Runs -
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    Many thanks DaveG for compiling all this information into one thread. The Y-Wing has been under-represented for so long and it's refreshing to see so much great information now.

    To everyone else can we please keep all posts informative rather than asking general questions. This will prevent this thread from becoming clogged with useless banter.
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    Can somebody please, please, PLEASE make a thread titled, "Y-WINGS ARE NOT WHITE" so that it can be added to this list? :wacko

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  4. Hammer3246

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    I hate to contribute to this thread with off topic responses, but this is worth it! LOL!
  5. Lee S

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    Thank you Dave!
  6. Andrew C.

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    Thank you, Dave, for pooling the information into a one-stop-all-there post, and also for including my build! :thumbsup
  7. Big Dog

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    This is the remains of the original thread, it provided me with an incredible amount of information. And since there's few pictures it made me hunt and search for myself to confirm or deny any kits mentioned within it. Definitely a great starting point and base for learning the research and time that went into finding all the info available now. I was only just beginning grade school when the remains of that thread were transferred here from the old site!!!
  8. DaveG


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    Thanks 'Dog. I've been in Orlando all week, I'll add it to the list when I get back.
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  9. joberg

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    Complete list!! Thanks a million Dave(y)
  10. Laspector

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    I have a question about the studio miniatures used in ANH. I know we've all heard the story about the engine cones being made out of L'eggs plastic egg containers. I actually remember those eggs and they were fairly good size.
    By my estimation that would put the filming miniatures at a larger size than I've ever seen any pictures of. What's the deal with that?
  11. Jkirkon

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    They trimmed them back a good bit. I think the dimms are in this thread somewhere .
  12. dtssyst

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    Would love those dimms.
    The closest I can find is 10 to 15 mm cut off.
    Not sure what is correct.
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  13. Jkirkon

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    I know I’ve seen the measurements somewhere. I just went through Dave G’s thread and didn’t find them. When I have time later this week I’ll look in a few other places and see if I can dig them up.

    Edited to add:
    Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to just measure my Nice-n Gold Leader....must have had a blonde moment.
    1 5/8” from the tip of the dome to where it mates with the Saturn can.
    I imagine DaveG’s patterns would be pretty close to the same .
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