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So after buying the DVD set of the original Ultraman series I realized that my nostalgia had not held up and that I possibly had to much Robitussin as a child.

So I looked up the Ultraman kill counts on YouTube and found that there were a few super violent Ultras out there Supeviolence is always welcome in my shows!

But I'm on the fence about what to get next and would like some true diehards to help me select tge right shows.

So, for my kids, I ordered Ultraman Max series. Hopefully a good choice.

But I'm curious what I should get next? Is Dyna any good? I'm watching bits of the movie and it seems intentionally comedic and cutesy with strange mini monster puppets talking?!

Is Leo good? I saw the first episode and was impressed with the fighting, or should I start with another one first?

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