1. Will Vale

    Radioactive Monster Bemular

    Hi folks, I haven't posted anything on here for a year or so - sorry about that, I've mostly been building non-movie stuff like a couple of Gundams and a big WH40K display which I wasn't sure was really relevant. But lately I wanted something else to do after finishing the diorama and picked...
  2. crabra comander

    Ultra Fans and discussion

    So after buying the DVD set of the original Ultraman series I realized that my nostalgia had not held up and that I possibly had to much Robitussin as a child. So I looked up the Ultraman kill counts on YouTube and found that there were a few super violent Ultras out there Supeviolence is...
  3. Room8

    5ft Ultraman Statue from Bandai!

    I just purchased this 5 ft. Ultraman statue that was made by Bandai in 1996. There isn't much information on it on the web other than it was made in 1996 and was used in stores as a display piece. It is my understanding that a few were sold to the public. I remember seeing one of these when I...
  4. 0

    Screen Used Japanese Ultraman Tiga Costume

    Just want to share with you: screen used Ultraman Tiga suit Cheers!