TLC reality series Geek Love

I find this equal parts offensive ( not really LOL ) and adorable.

I think to the masses it's going to make us 'weird' people look even weirder and only encourage the stereotypes as opposed to saying 'hey look, this is a whole subculture that has people who can connect with their similar interests'.

I'll watch it because it looks hilarious, however. And I'm only comfortable saying that it looks hilarious because for the most part, us geeks are intelligent enough to know if they're putting what we say on TV then we're comfortable enough with it being funny to anyone on the 'outside'.

On a side note, last convention I went to, while I was in line for the masquerade, they had the door open for the speed dating room and while some people looked genuinely happy, I think 90% of the whole row I was observing were either TERRIFIED or TOTALLY UNINTERESTED in whoever they were talking to. The couple closest to the door at one point talked for maybe 30 seconds and then just sat in silence looking around. The poor guy looked SO so nervous and uncomfortable. The girl just looked stuck up and rude. BOO.
I think it depends on how the "geeks" are portrayed. A lot of people on here, including myself, you would never guess by looking at them on the street that they were into scifi or whatever. A lot of times when they do these shows, I think MTV did one, they just reach into the stereotypes file and pull out a bunch of a fat guys with glasses who had never had a girlfriend ever. I don't mean that to be insulting, but that's what people generally think of when they hear "geek".
Watched both shows and liked them because they really didn't pick on anyone for being a geek. They just let the story unfold and, yeah, there were some successes and some failures. While I've never done speed dating at a con, I've done it a few times before - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

All in all, I wish them luck. I actually know/have met a few of the people who run this and they're all decent folks.
I surprisingly liked it a lot. I found the "Geek Speak" bubbles quite funny since I already knew what everybody was talking about. I'm glad they didn't follow anybody that was extremely weird or a non-geek. I also enjoyed how they didn't judge anybody in the show. Hope they continue this series into CVI.
Just watched the second ep today. I quite like it :)
Not a fan of the "geek speak" parts and find them to be quite moronic but of course... Any everyday person might not have a clue what some of the things are but really... "Comicon- Geek speak for comic book convention". Seriously?
Hmm...Since a portion of those considered geeks and nerds fall into the general spectrum of autism, in greater percentages than in the so-called "normal" society, this could present some problems.
I realize this is over a year old, but I'm not a fan of these "geek" shows. I like "The Big Bang Theory" because it's a sitcom and it's nice to have "intelligent" sitcom characters for a change.

However, these "reality" geek shows I think do more harm than good (honestly I can't think of any "good"). When I first saw the commercial for "King of the Nerds" I thought 'Okay, anybody that appears on this show HAS to realize that people are laughing AT them and not WITH them.'

It just seems like High School all over again. The jocks invite you to a party and you even get a date only to show up and have them mock you until you leave.
I was cringing so many times while watching this show even during the old episodes, but it's good and unlike Beauty and the Geek (another guilty pleasure of mine) this seems less made up reality show setup and straight up real especially with the speed dating scenes. But yeah the outcome is not really happy for most of the contestants.

And some may feel this is not good for the portrayal of geeks and that it makes fun of them. But I don't really see these geeks being mocked at, in fact I am always rooting for all these people. The speed dating host does makes some quips about geeks when he is addressing them, but it's all in good spirit and everyone gets that.

I don't know what a person who is not into geeky stuff will take away from all this. Some who are into their own geeky obsessions, even might find some of these contestants weird for different reasons, there is no way around it.
I understand what you mean, many geeks share similar interests and have similar obsessions but are generally more smart and social. Of course plenty of nerds also get love, attention and desired partner in their life, it all comes down to that individual. Besides the whole terminology of geeks and nerds has evolved and the line between the two is blurry these days as many interpret the two differently in their own ways. And being neither of them is a bad thing.

But some associate that being a geek is cool and being a nerd is not. There are many things a movie/comic obsessed person would do in the 70s, who would be termed as a geek or nerd back then in a bad way. But now they are part of popular culture and the general public are embracing it. And those who are now into it will be termed as geeks in a positive way and they don't even have to hide about their obsessions for the fear of being ridiculed. Of course besides now being nerdy about different things, nerds were also more associated with people who were more into academics, science, unique hobbies which they often didn't get an opportunity to share and discuss with others as they were socially more awkward.
Geeks get plenty of love, these type of shows are full of nerds. There is a difference ;)

Obligatory quote from Thrillhouse.

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