TIE fighter model size question


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First of all, I know there is a lively debate on the Round2 thread about the size of the actual ship, if it did exist, but my question is a bit sideways and I didn't want to distract. Basically, which TIE kits are the same exact size or about the same size as the Fine Molds (and whoever else is selling it) TIE that is at least labeled 1/48. It may be based on a similar size "ball" or overall height of the wing panel, I guess. I asked a similar question years ago and I think the problem at the time was that people were pointing me in the direction of kits that were out of production and impossible to find. Not sure how much of that has changed. I don't think I have ever owned any TIE models of any kind besides FM and Bandai stuff, except the MPC Vader TIE and Alfred Wong (I think) TIE bomber.
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Fine Molds never did a TIE labeled as 1/48; as I recall their biggest TIE was 1/72 and they only did an X-Wing in 1/48.
Jeff's comment not withstanding, FM did issue a "1/48" scale kit but it like many of the other FM Star Wars kits were 'hard to find'. Revell reboxed it at one point and it is a well done replica with some of the fine detailing FM is known for...

Scale Mates database site has an entry showing the issue history:
The site includes a downloadable copy of the instructions, with the usual 'parts map' that may be useful for comparing to other kits...

I don't have access to my (Revell) copy at the moment, so I cannot say if it is a match in physical size to any other specific kits, but I seem to recall it being perhaps 'in the ball park' of the AMT TIE and the MPC Interceptor (TIE-I) kits as I contemplated using its wing panels as a pattern to make some replacements for the AMT kits. The AMT and MPC kits are essentially clones size-wise, with the obvious differences in the wings, plus the AMT TIE shows cleaner molded detail.

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