Things you're tired of seeing in movies

The Mad Professor

Master Member
Physically impossible feats in the name of excitement.

I'm not talking improbable things, I'm talking about 250-rounds-of-ammo-in-a-pistol-magazine, normal-human-jumps-down-three-stories-and-land-with-no-injuries, explosion-goes-off-behind-the-person-with-no-ill-effects, run-a-car-off-a-roof-and-barrel-roll-it-to-rip-a-bomb-off-using-a-hook-on-a-wrecking-ball-and-land-on-all-four-wheels-with-absolutely-no-damage-to-the-car impossible feats.

Sick of them.

The Mad Professor

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Contemporary music in period pieces (completely destroyed A Knight's Tale... that and the Nike Armor).

Dance scenes where apparently everyone is not only a professional dancer, but they have perfect choreography as well.

Stupid bad guys that REALLY need to read the Evil Overlord List.

People who cannot do accents correctly (I'm looking at you, Kevin Costner...)


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Movies that sell because of their cast, unnecessary romance stuff, Disney movie deaths (apparently, falling is the only way to die in a Disney movie), generic web search engines no one has ever heard of, explosions that happen for no possible reason, alien invasions always happen in London, New York City, major cities, and the list goes on and on...
Joosh, rodneyfaile, Fiction Engineered, I second yours.


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cinema verite aka. "shaky cam" - in the early days (e.g. Hill Street Blues) it was used in moderation.
Nowadays it's used to a ridiculous degree - camera sweeps across an elbow then an eyeball then ... WTF?

Wes R

Legendary Member
How loud computer keys are when a character is typing.

Characters who read out loud while they write something, or read something out loud when they are alone.

Remember when reading a letter alone or while writing was doing in a voice over which made more sense? Poor camera work in general, nobody uses traditional camera shots anymore. Oh not filming in location anymore but dressing up another country to look like the US (I'm looking at you George Romero).

cayman shen

Master Member
Found footage. If you can't afford to make a real movie, use you mommy's Visa card.

Yes, there are a few I really, really love. But the vast majority look like they were made by junior high kids on an iphone.

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