Expanded cuts of movies you'd love to see?


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What movies would you love to see an expanded cut of, that you know more got shot that the public has never seen?
for me, there are a few:
  • Tombstone. It's well-known that the movie could have been almost 3 hours long. Several scenes are referenced in the trailer that never made it to the finished cut
  • Saving Private Ryan. I know there's a scene where they get caught in artillery and lose the Jeep and trailer you see them driving up the draw at Vierville-sur-Mer but never see again in the finished cut. A pal of mine played in that sequence and it got left on the editing room floor. I've also heard there was a sequence filmed about Miller's unit fighting in the minefield that is reference when you first see him. I'm not sure if that scene actually got filmed, though
  • Glory. I was at a re-enactment where I later heard they'd filmed second-unit scenes for the movie
So, any ones you'd wanna see?
After taking part in a small-budget art film (which will probably never see the light of day after the cast and crew got to see it one time, which annoys me as it's very well written), I realize something will always be left on the cutting room floor.
In many cases, I think it was for the better, but I've often wondered why some directors won't let some scenes get out, even for a single screening.
The lost/destroyed version of Event Horizon
I didn't know there was one.
After re-watching it again last night, I think Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me could use another pass in the editing room, incorporating some of the 90 mins of cut material back into the film. Particularly more with David Bowie and the Room above the Gas Station. Once the movie is about Laura Palmer proper, that's okay, that doesn't need touching (maybe some more stuff with her mom, but that's it). It's the earliest parts of the film that I think could use a scene or two put back in. Not just to flesh out some ideas but bring some humor back and some "Twin Peaks" into it before going into the grim, dark, and sympathetic story of Laura.
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A lot. I always read about workprints and there are also a lot of extendet versions I like to see, which were available in the US, sometimes UK, but never in my country.

Waterworld is one example.

For unreleased workprint versions, I agree on Event Horizon and Alien3. But I also would like to see Starship Troopers, the Friday the 13th movies, Die Harder, The Burbs, Desperado, From Dusk till Dawn, Fight Club, Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Crow, ...

But I thinks there are a lot more...
...the Friday the 13th movies...

I rewatched all of them not too long ago and, to my great surprise, they're much less violent and gory than I remembered them to be. They really were edited to hell and back. It's unfortunate there will never be unrated alternate cuts (outside of Final Friday) of the original set of films as all that was cut was just binned.

The only film that would suffer really would be Part VI, which is leagues better than it really had any right to be. The theatrical cut of that is perfect.
You always hear of Mrs. Doubtfire having so many takes because of Robin Williams improve. The director has even said they could easily have an R rated version. So that, or really, a lot of the crazy stuff Robin Williams did. You could have like 37 different versions of each of his films.
I would like to see The Return of the King: The Super-Extended, Extended, Extended Cut…

I understand it includes 20 more endings.

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They supposedly found that and it was going to be part of the documentary Doug Trumbull had been working on for years before he died. I haven't heard anything about anyone else taking the reins. :(
There was a question about copyrights from Warner; D. Trumbull had to stop working on that documentary:(

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