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Captain Rogers

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I have had this idea for some time now, but decided now was the time to start this thread. I want this thread to be for anyone who wishes to design and make custom versions of their favorite Marvel characters. Whether it is just a mix of elements from various versions of the character or a completely new design, it doesn't matter. I will be doing my own versions as well, though I have a pretty busy life so it may go slower than I would like. I will be starting with some members of the Avengers. I plan on doing a Captain America that can interchange pieces to be either a stealth outfit or his normal iconic red, white, and blue attire. This is the costume I will be designing and building for myself, though I plan to bulk up some for the role so I will probably work on the other two characters I am starting with first. I will also be doing a Thor for a friend of mine that can change to be more casual or armored up for battle. And finally I will be working on an Iron Man armor similar to the function of the Modular armor from the comics. I will do the base design custom, and then make the add on pieces. I will post pictures as I go, with the first being the designs I draw up. I really look forward to seeing all the fantastic designs you guys come up with. Let's be creative and have some fun Marvel style.

Captain Rogers

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Cap redesign.jpg Here is my Cap design.


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This is a really great idea! here is my Ant Man and I am currently designing a Vision


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Captain Rogers

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That is really awesome! I especially like the one in the middle with the black that phases into the mask. This is what the new movie costume should look like. Were you planning on sub dyeing the suit?


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Awesome idea on the thread! Custom designs of classic characters are my absolute favorite.

I made a somewhat custom Gambit and Rogue for my brother last year, and will actually start on a Cyclops/Jean for my cousin tonight. Some sketches are attached to this thread.




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I'm currently working on my version of a marvel cinematic-verse12ft tall titanium man armour.


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Green Goblin

I've been working on a custom Green Goblin since last year. I am trying to do the version I would like to see on film. I already made the silicone mask heavily based on the unused Sam Raimi prosthetic test. The rest of the suit is going to be similar to a Batman armored suit in the traditional purple and green colors of the comic goblin. Here is the mask. I'll be casting another one after I improve my technique and it will have a varied tone and subtly shaded paint job.
lenses5.JPG lenses3.JPG lenses2.JPG

I may redesign the hat or at least make it from a better material like leather or microsuede.

This is as far as I got on the armor.

I made shoulders and painted the other ab plates but I don't have pictures.

Captain Rogers

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Thanks springsteel! I saw your Gambit and Rogue builds a while back and loved them, I also saw your Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl builds and fell in love with them, so I really appreciate the complement. Apemantus I also saw your build before and can't wait to see the finished armor. KJC loving your build so far, I love the Green Goblin he is one of my favorite Spidey villains. The New Blood I just give credit where it is deserved.

So just as a little update for my progress, I am in the process of designing the Thor build. It's almost done just some last minute touches to add. Thanks guys for the support, I'm looking forward to seeing all of our builds come together.


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I have also designed a Winter Soldier that I will be making as well as


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