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  1. Jake Kassnoff


  2. E

    Runes on Thor Ragnarok's Mjolnir

    Hello everybody this is my first thread so I hope i don't screw up. I'm currently working on a accuracy mjolnir from the MCU, i've made my research and I don't know how to proced at this point. The top of the hammer have a cap with a inscription on it, I think (I may be wrong) that supose to...
  3. jholt

    Taurus Studio Thor Ragnarok Helmet #/100

    hey gang! looking to sell my taurus studio thor ragnarok helmet from my private collection. looking for $1000 + shipping they only made 100 of these beauties. comes with original box and original brown shipper. thanks for looking! NOTE: these images are of the actual helmet. i sold a...
  4. Henry Creations

    I'm making a Thor inspired Lightsaber! Mjolnir + Bifrost

    Hi family! I'm Henry from @henrycreations and I am going to start this discussion for my Thor inspired lightsaber. It is my second original design and I am very proud of it! It all started with a few sketches on my notebook, that I then transfered to photoshop and started messing with ideas...
  5. jholt

    Museum Replicas Mjolnir: Making Another Worthy Hammer

    hey gang so while i was upgrading my king arts mjolnir, i decided i wanted to have all 3 of the designed hammers throughout the Thor films. arguably the two hammers are on the right are essentially the same hammer but with a rotated handle. while the EFX hammer is easily the hardest one to...
  6. jholt

    Museum Replicas Mjolnir question

    hey all has anybody taken on the task of taking a part a Museum Replicas Mjolnir? im acquiring one and was wondering if anybody knows a bit more about its construction. thanks!
  7. Jake Kassnoff

    Magnetic Thor Hammer Mjolnir

    From CB Radio magnetic antennas:
  8. TheForgeProps

    Thor Stormbreaker - Marvel Endgame (3d print and foam)

    Hi everyone! I've just joined the RPF (after a long time lurking) and have recently finished up a Stormbreaker build during the lockdown. I thought I'd show the photos off and show the build process! The head is 3d printed, from PLA and resin, and the handle is foam over a metal pipe - I'll...
  9. TheMightyTHOR97

    HELP! Thor Glowing Disks for Infinity War/Endgame Cosplay

    Hi all, I’m currently trying to get a Thor cosplay off the ground and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to make the glowing disks. My first thoughts were LED strips under clear disks that are painted black to give it the crackling effect. HOWEVER... I have literally no...
  10. elilay

    Interest Screen Accurate THOR's hammer with metal parts (Mjolnir)

    PHOTO UPDATE: RUN OPEN: LIST: FINISH: 1. the Pawn 2. MANDINGALOW 3.Dakota 4.Ghost1 KITS: 1. Jacob286482 2. .... UPDATE: So RAW KIT With all needed parts and materials: -Metal parts of details: (round runes, metal rings for handle, pommel) -Leather patterns for each segment. (I thought...
  11. BobbyFromBUF

    Stormbreaker with Bottle Opener (Infinity War/Endgame)

    Hello RPF! Long time, no see! I'm back with a new build tutorial! I have decided to build a fun new cosplay from Avengers Endgame - #ThiccThor ! Below is picture of me from Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. I had an awesome time and thought I would put together a build tutorial on how I made...
  12. Indy Magnoli

    MasterChef: Superhero Cook-Off (our latest fan film parody)

    We've been working on this a while... hope you guys get a kick out of it: Part I: Part II: Bloopers: Let us know what you think... and please share it around! Kind regards, Indy Magnoli
  13. Wolverineknows

    Thor End Game Outfits (Spoilers do not open)

    Guy's I have never laughed harder in my life at this movie and the direction they took with Thor. I wanted to be the first to discuss his outfits and big lebowski look. I specifically need to buy those glasses!! I'll be watching it a couple more times and seeing if I can get a clear view on any...
  14. The14thDr

    Stormbreaker Pepakura Build (Infinity War/Endgame)

    I absolutely adore Thor's not-so-new-anymore weapon and with Endgame just around the corner I knew I had to add it to my collection! For this build I’m using the awesome Herban - Props/MasterMod Pepakura file as a base, which I downloaded from here. This isn’t the most detailed model but I plan...
  15. Wolverineknows

    Help looking for Thor's Jacket Avengers: End Game

    Hey everyone, as I am sure we all saw the trailer by now just wanted to ask if anyone can help me ID Thor's jacket. I think it would be pretty cool to wear it to the movies for when its coming out. Any help is appreciated, thanks so much.
  16. pzreich

    Thor Ragnarok Cosplay- With Progress Pictures

    For New York Comic Con 2018, I went as Thor from Thor: Ragnarok, specifically the gladiator scene where he fights the Hulk. Below are my progress pictures, as well as supplies, information and other important things! SUPPLIES -1 2mm EVA-38 Foam Sheet -1 6mm EVA-38 Foam Sheet -1 8mm EVA-38 Foam...
  17. Silhouette

    Loki Infinity War Original Design

    So, long story short, I wasn't a fan of Loki's Ragnarok (and thus Infinity War) looks. I saw them when the trailers started dropping, found myself extremely disappointed, and, in true over-the-top Loki fashion, said to myself "Well, screw that. I'm designing my own." The design took over five...
  18. thepoynt

    Thor's Stormbreaker Axe Build

    Hey guys! I'm relatively new to the forums here, and love seeing everything people are creating and collaborating on! I thought I'd start sharing some of the projects I've done over the past year or so. Here's a photo of my finished Stormbreaker axe from Avengers: Infinity War, which I finished...
  19. Indy Magnoli

    CHEAP Chrome Effect tutorial for Props and Costumes

    I just finished this TJack Thor's Helmet and decided to film parts of the process as I think this is one of the best (read cheapest) methods for achieving this effect: Kind regards, Magnoli P.S. (for the Mods) I'm posting this in the props section...
  20. Dymo

    Stormbreaker - 3D printed head, wooden handle

    Hi! I've been lurking around the forum for some time, and today I've decided to register and write my first post, it will be about my work on Stormbreaker using 3D printing and wooden axe handle. Here's Timelapse video - LINK) I started with printing the axe head, I've found nice file with...
  21. Dope

    Making a 135lb Thor's Hammer Mjolnir (pics and build video)

    All pics here: FULL PLAYLIST OF ALL BUILD VIDEOS: That should do it, hope you guys like it! Dope
  22. S

    Mjolnir Build

    I´m new here on the RPF, so I didn´t made photos of the whole build process, but this is how far I got: While I´m happy with it so far, I think it´s a bit too big because I had problems finding the right measurements The measuring cord is in cm. Please post your thoughts, ideas and questions...
  23. Dope

    Made some mini-Mjolnirs out of a variety of metals (pics and build video)

    10 minute build video: Hope you enjoy! I keep a stainless one on my desk but pondering making them out of tungsten next... I'll have a full-size 135lb version to show in the next few weeks as well. Thanks for checking me out. Dope
  24. 6 finger wizard

    Foam MCU Stormbreaker. (Thor's Infinity War hammer)

    I'm working on this for Denver Comic Con, whose prop policies get stricter every year. So the head will be built out of craft foam, the handle will be a thin dowel covered in pipe insulation, which is flexible enough to twist around the head. I'm using the toy Stormbreaker for reference...
  25. G

    The Ship of the Imagination from "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey"

    First post! Lovely to actually post here after years of lurking. :lol I've been modelling Neil DeGrasse Tyson's sleek Ship of the Imagination from "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," and boy, is it quite the challenge. After rewatching A Spacetime Odyssey in anticipation of "Cosmos: Possible Worlds"...

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