the avengers

  1. jrdorag

    Iron Man Mark 50 Speed Build (A LOT OF PICS)

    Hey Guys, Everything good? Finally i had sometime to post here, and i want to share with you my IronMan's Mark50 work, i did it in only 2 weeks for the premiere (25/04 here on Brazil), HERE WE GO!!! I really like to do my own 3D models for my armors, so i have sure it will come out just like...
  2. S

    3D Printed Arc Reactor

    Hi Everyone! As a long time lurker on the RPF, I finally decided to create an account to share my latest project. I recently completed a from-scratch build of a 3D printed arc reactor, which I made a project video for that can be seen here. Compared to other arc reactor builds that I've seen...
  3. AmitKer

    A:IW Bucky Barnes Build (Pic Heavy)

    Hi everyone! In honor of Bucky's new actual hero suit (really, his costume in Civil War was just a disappointing black jacket) and BEAUTIFUL wakandan arm, I decided to attempt a build of the character for the opening night of the much-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War (Hell yeah, it's so...
  4. J

    Pensacon 2018

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the RPF. I'm a videographer and cosplayer myself. I went to Pensacon 2018 and saw amazing cosplay and it was truly inspirational! My Youtube Channel is dedicated to spreading the love for conventions and cosplaying! Check out my latest Cosplay Showcase and Music...
  5. G

    Ironman Mark 7 1:something bust and 1:1 helmet (WIP) sculpts

    A while back I sculpted the small Ironman bust (Lego Minifig for scale) but I have never gotten around to casting it. I've now started a 1:1 sculpt of the helmet on my life cast as well. When the helmet is finished I'll cast them both.
  6. MaxPower

    Iron Man Mark 43 3D Print Project

    Hi, first i have to say sorry if my english is not good enough, I'm from Chile, so my main language is Spanish. I've been following this forum since 4-5 years ago and i fell in love with all the awesome work the people do here, so in some way this project (one of my dreams that i have since i...
  7. Capsicle

    Tesseract Teleporter 3D Print (PIC Heavy)

    Hello fellow geeks! I have been a lurker on this website for years and decided that it's time I start my own thread. This project has been about a year in the making and lots of hard work.I have have done my best to 3d model this as screen accurate as possible, but I am still a novice when it...
  8. paxtoprime94

    Quick 'n' Easy Cap Shield from ThinkGeek backpack

    So long story short I already made my own shield a few years ago the hard way with an MH saucer sled and absolutely love it, but didn't have the need to use it for cosplaying until now. Work and school have got me busy so I don't have alot of time to work on sewing my Batman Beyond suit anymore...
  9. F

    Loki accessoirs

    While I should be working on my next Silmarillion elf armor, I made the mistake of re-watching the Avengers which resulted in me buying a Loki costume (“I’ll cosplay Loki eventually in the distant future” she said - and bought a costume the next day. “I’ll take it slow with the accessories”...
  10. KillerofSaints

    Interest The Infinity Gauntlet - Avengers: Infinity War

    We are looking into starting a run of the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War that was revealed this week. We would most likely cold cast it as well it would include the electronics. As with all our projects we only do finished work. Also was curious if people would be more interested...
  11. EndloseCosplay

    Fandom based vintage Luggage Stickers

    I know that title is a mouth full, but here is the low down. I am looking for get luggage travel stickers that are Marvel, Dc, Dr Who, My little Pony, Star Wars, Star Trek, RBWY, Sandman, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Babylon 5, and Batman themed. What are luggage stickers? Well it's what...
  12. S

    My steel Mjolnir build...

    I've been inspired by so many people here and around the web who have built amazing versions of Mjolnir, so I decided to make my own version of Thor's hammer. I feel like they came out pretty good for my first efforts. The first one is the smaller one, and I did not add much detail to that...
  13. Valor

    Limited Run Last 5 Captain America Bracket Kits at Closeout Price!

    RUN IS COMPLETE. I'M OUT. I want to clear these out. For sale are the LAST 5 sets of my Captain America Shield Bracket/Handles. This is the lowest price ever for these. And likely the last run I'll do. Two asymmetrical brackets cut from thick .080" aluminum. Dimensions are based on extensive...
  14. O

    Tony Stark Under Armour shirt Avengers 2

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a replica Iron Man gauntlet from Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2: I've got some switchable parts to double the gauntlet as the Mark 42 or 43. I'm trying to find out if the Under Armour shirt that Tony wore during AoU might still be available anywhere, or if any...
  15. Thorlief Golmen


    Hey Guys, Ive done a few attempts at costume with some success and some failure but its all alearning curve, and with each costume attempt Ive learned so much. Being a member of this site has also grestly improved the costume Ive made as there is so much resource to look over here, its a one...
  16. G

    oz comic con 2016 mk 46 iron man cosplay photos _ wearing the suit

    Here are some photos from Oz Comic Con 2016, wearing my mk 46 ironman cosplay. It was fairly easy to move and walk around, still needs some adjustments though.
  17. Replicant X

    The Hulk

    Just finished a first attempt to make a Hulk. The body suit is made in foam and covered with a double layer of polar fleece. Added some light shadowing. Head is a latex mask, repainted, and padded with foam to fit like a helmet
  18. jamesheneghan

    3D Printing Iron Man MK46 Suit

    Hi All, This thread is my progress on my Iron Man MK 46 build. Some of you may know of TKCC71's AMAZING!!! build here on the RPF(which you can find here: ) which inspired me to post my progress on here :) The files I use were created by MZX (Link...
  19. KJC

    MCU HULK - Mask and Possibly Full Costume

    I have started working on a Hulk commission. The client has commissioned the mask with the agreement that if he is happy with the mask, he will proceed with the full suit build. I am going for as realistic as possible. I will be using realistic hair for both the top of the head and eyebrows, as...
  20. J

    Iron Man Suit Advice

    I've been wanting to build an Iron Man suit for a log time now but i'm not sure what would be the best way to go about it. I'm relatively new to making things, but i want to give it a try making something a bit more ambitious - like an Iron Man suit. Any suggestions of what would be the best...
  21. C

    Mjolnir: A 3D Printed Prop

    Hello Everyone, So recently i just completed my recent project. This was 3D Printing Mjolnir - Thors Hammer. The project began with me creating the Model in solidworks, printing and finishing it. Now thats its complete i wish to share my project from start to finish with people. I would type...
  22. The Full Armor

    Unlimited Run Complete Captain America: Age of Ultron uniforms (New and Improved!)

    Complete Captain America: Age of Ultron uniforms (made to order) Iam offering full uniforms as well as each piece individually forthose of you looking to modify your current costumes. The fulluniform comes complete with a replica helmet, multiple-piece jacket, pants, shieldharness, utility...
  23. M

    Looking for an Iron man suit MK42 MK46 etc

    Hey guys. I'm super new here and having a hard time searching for stuff so I figured I'd just post a new thread. I want to buy an Iron Man costume. I want a 100% complete fully painted and assembled, ready to wear costume. With moving parts and light up hands, arc reactor and eyes, etc. It...
  24. WazzaSmithy

    Iron Man Gauntlet/Glove/Repulsor

    I'm looking for an Iron Man repulsor glove to wear with a Tony Stark cosplay, I've looked around for some but can't seem to find any, the best I found was the functional Cat Toys version but I don't want to pay $400 for a piece of plastic. Can anyone help?
  25. F

    Iron Man Mark 45 Paint question

    Hey guys, I've been working on putting a Mark 45 together, long way from completion but I'm starting to think about finishing, and colors. (Pic of the Mark 45 below for reference) I have a few golds I'm going to try out, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what shade of red was...