1. chimpz33

    Where to get ps4/ps5 chest spider / symbol?

    Looking to get like a rubber spider symbol to put onto the advanced suit from the games, and the glove pieces as well. But I'm not sure where I'd buy that and be able to get it in the right size. Or im not sure if theres a better way to do it. I just dont want it be flat spandex right. Please...
  2. spiderpleb


    **THESE ARE NOT FINISHED SUITS THEY ARE DIGITAL PATTERNS** Here’s the the eaves brooks patterns I made with @ult_spidey and @tison.mp4 on Instagram over the summer :•) the pattern will run for $40 This pattern has accurate seams and i can provide instructions on how to sew it for people who may...
  3. W

    Need help Rescaling the Mclean Krieger TASM2 pattern

    Hi I wanted to get a TASM2 made by myself, wanted to use the mclean files to do it but I seem to have troubles rescaling it to my size. I am 188cm tall so its about 6ft and 2in. I heard that mcleans pattern was done for 5ft 10in guy so after doing calculations I upscaled the project by 5.71%...
  4. TheRealWiNsToN

    No Way Home cosplay

    Hello! Looking to make a No Way Home classic suit. From the pics released it appears that it has the same line detailing from the Far From Home/No Way Home black suits For my suit I’d like to have the blue details screen printed onto a metallic blue spandex fabric, so I’d like to find someone...
  5. Vonkadoodle

    Spider-man No Way Home Face shell

    I unfolded a spider-man no way home integrated suit on pepakura If you're interested I might upload it here
  6. topher thomas

    Item 17a Iron Spider Suit Build

    Hello, everyone! I’m new to posting at RPF, and I’m happy to learn how things work around here. I finally decided to register with the forum and make a WIP build log for the MCU Iron Spider Suit I’m currently working on because it’s a suit I’ve wanted to try making since Infinity War… and I...
  7. P

    Where can i find McLean's separate blue/red pieces Spider-Man patterns now that his Sellfy store is closed?

    I have been planning on building an Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit for about 3 years, but i didn't really want to buy the materials before i had everything figured out from the start, since it would suck to spend so much money for a high quality replica, only to hit a roadblock. I recently decided...
  8. Spideywebbed

    Remove Screen Printing from Spider-Man Costume?

    Hello RPF! This is my first thread ever on this amazing website. I have recently ordered a TASM1 costume from printcostume.com, formerly known as ZentaiZone, and opted to have the screen printed emblems. However, a few days ago I came across a photo of someones printcostume TASM1 suit with...
  9. M

    Spider-Man No Way Home Final Suit

    Hey Everyone I am the absolute most new born baby when it comes to cosplaying and suit making, I have done so much research but am still a little lost, I am trying to make my own spiderman suit I got a pattern but do not know how to size it and im not sure what to do when it comes to fabric on...
  10. R

    Spider-Man Ps4 Advanced Suit Urethane Emblems

    Hi all, So ever since I've seen no way home, I've been itching to do another Spider-Man Cosplay and I really want to do the Advanced Suit from Spider-Man Ps4! I've been looking online and haven't been able to find someone that sells Urethane Emblems for the advanced suit. If anyone knows or...
  11. Indy Magnoli

    Interest TASM: Jansport-style Slacker Backpack by Magnoli Clothiers

    A customer asked if we could do a run of these "slacker" backpacks from The Amazing Spider-Man. So... what kind of interest would there be in these? We thought of offering them with or without the extra tan straps across the back. Let us know if you'd be interested and which version you'd...
  12. johnnyhungus

    Movie accurate Green Goblin Helmet paint

    I will be getting a Raimi Green Goblin helmet soon and am in need of some help sourcing the right paint for the job. Can anybody point me in the direction of the colour-shifting paint that is as close as possible to the movie version please? Would the paint need a black base coat? I live in...
  13. UtanteV27

    Willem Dafoe GREEN GOBLIN HELMET on the cheap by Rehauling an Xcoser Helmet!

    Hey Everyone! I have spent alot of time looking into Raimi Goblin Helmet replicas and, there's not many option, you can buy a $300 3d printer and a $30 stl file, you can spend a Thousand on an etsy one, most being slightly inaccurate, or, you can spend 80 bucks on an old Xcoser goblin mask and...
  14. R

    McLean Pattern or Alternative

    Hi everyone! I am interested in purchasing, unless there is a free one, tasm 2 spider-man pattern. I know mcleans has been termed as the best but after his unfortunate passing, I’m not sure where I can possibly purchase his pattern? Or are there any other movie accurate alternatives out there...
  15. Mystery

    Mystery's Comic Spider-Man Build (Pic Heavy)

    So after a very long time, I decided to tackle a suit for Halloween. This will be puff painted on the red sections with red and black paint, and with a unique pattern I haven't seen anyone tackle on a full suit yet. I had an idea about a dream suit and I had posted a rough concept for, on one of...
  16. MrSpideyXD

    Ultimate Spider-Man Suit Build

    Hey guys! how's ya going? I want to share some of my progress with my Usm classic suit and let's see if i can get this guy completed in less than a week :3 .
  17. PhantomForge

    Pumpkin bomb replica: Cast from production prop, or recast fan sculpt?

    Hello everyone! I was hoping someone could help me identify/confirm the origin of this prop replica. This is something I've been meaning to try to learn more about for years but never got around to it— YEARS ago when I was dumb and hardly did any backtracking/research into what I was buying...
  18. Peter Parke 67


  19. Geek Central

    Universal Spider-Man Suit Replica

    I may not have grown up with this design for Spider-Man, but that wouldn't stop me from wanting to own the suit itself or just replicate it as best as I can. All I'm asking for is the suit pattern so I can have it printed and sewed by another company. If you somehow have the actual suit and want...
  20. Peter Parke 67

    Need help making a tasm 2 suit replica

    Hi, I am making my very first cosplay so I don't really have any experience at this point. I chose the amazing spider-man 2 suit to make a perfect replica of but I don't know where to start. I've seen a lot of people on the internet attempting to do so but even tho they love it, the suit is...
  21. Freedmeep1964

    Original Spider-Man Suit Designs and Cosplay

    Has anyone ever made their own original Spider-Man suit designs into a cosplay? Would love to see some.
  22. W3bhead

    Spider-Man Ps4 classic suit build

    So I always wanted a good Spider-Man costume as a kid but there were all utterly rubbish. Either loose fabric or then later with built in muscles, I could never understand why you couldn't buy a decent version. Then after the Raimi films came out and spidey planet released theirs I realised now...
  23. ThatOneDude2994

    My Raimi suit build/guide *Starts soon* *PIC HEAVY*

    Hey guys! Ever since I was a kid, I've long dreamed to own a screen-accurate Raimi suit down-to-a-t Replica. Spidey4fun and Spidey planet have the best replica's but are very expensive and takes time to make. Print only suits are fine but for a Raimi suit, it can be quite bland. We won't even...
  24. yyalp

    Classic/Modern Spider-Man Cosplay (HELP PLS!!)

    This is my first post on the forum since I FINALLY decided to create an account after almost a year of reading posts without having one.. anyway. I'm working on my first cosplay and decided that the Webhead would be a great choice. The style I chose is something more inspired by Bagley's work...
  25. D

    Puff Painted Spider-Man Suits

    Hello, new here but I wanted to share my puff painted suits. I’ve started almost 2 years ago and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, I have a couple more suits I’ve painted but once I get the chance to take pics I’ll post