Sucker Punch costume thread


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I'll take photos of my set up later today. I ended using bondo to strengthen my plastic bits and build up the armor. I can go through all the steps with you if you want. What level of ease/involvement are you looking to put in?


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Well, it's going to be for a friend of the missus as they are all going out as Sucker punch," so I would like to make it as nice/correct as possible however I don't intend on spending 100's on it... but as I will have fiberglass resin, bondo and everything else al ready for my Master chief costume. I should be able to just use that.

Also what I get out of this is that I get a little bit more skilled in making things...
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Needtodestroy what did you start it of with? i.e how did you make the shape of it?
I started out using armature wire to sculpt it to my shoulder shape to get the top "cap" part. I tried using sculpy to cover that and it just wasn't working for me so I ended up getting some thermoplastic and heat-gunning it to the form. I later came to find out one can get a set of used knee pads or something and just dremel the main pad down into the shape that works.

Once I had that piece I just measured out the three bits on the bottom. Those were just a little bit of plastic heated to curve with my arm and to fit into the curve of the "cap" and then I just set to building up a foundation with bondo. I did about a 1/4" thick layer to get the general thickness and then started adding the lip and center "fold" on the pieces.

The hardest bit was the neck shield since it flares out at an odd angle to work with and I needed it to fit into the cap almost seamlessly. I ended up cutting a triangular piece of thermoplastic out and getting a friend to work with it with the heat gun against my shoulder so that we could get something that would fit me and the cap. It was kind of time intensive, but it formed pretty well.

Here are the shots of the pauldron in various stages. I'll grab a couple of shots from my shop later on today and show you all of the inner workings/connections.

My biggest issue was figuring out how to keep the damn thing upright and secure to my costume, since it wasn't connected across my chest as most historical drawings/armorers depicted. I tried using little hook and eye fasteners, but the gorilla glue I used did not hold up well. I ended up just sliding the strap of the backpack/sheath in between the neck guard and the cap and that managed to keep it in place pretty well. I recommend working on a way to secure a fastener into the bottom of the neck guard, where it slides under the cap and then securing a piece to the shoulder of the coat, so that way it can snap on and off. I just didn't think of this when I was pushing through to get ready for Otakon.


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That looks smart., I was thinking about making one or two substitutes, instead of wires I may use fibreglass (always in fear of it warping)
and maybe start of with thin foam, so I can sow any "clips" or connection bits on to it, and then if I keep the underside soft it will not hurt her shoulder - saying that it maybe better to run the fibreglass all over to seal it and then I will just run some felt on the inside for padding...

Did you have any templat for the fome?


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I think I might have templates for them in my reference files.

Fiberglass might be a good bet, though I'm not sure how the weight would factor in. Mine ended up being a little heavy, but not uncomfortably so. I think using a foam base would be a good idea too. You could get a general shape with some Eva foam that's stacked up and then just heat it to conform to the areas. Once it's formed, you can cover it in anything and it should be good to go.


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Oh thats sooo gorgeous!!!! I want ine so badly! I cant find the decals! Help

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Looking for the decals for the Babydolls Pistol! Can someone help me find them?


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Hi everybody,

here is my cosplay build of the sucker punch zombie soldier. It was my first cosplay ever and most of the work went into the gas mask and the gun.

Everything is built from old swiss army material (yes, I do live in Switzerland:)).

Since we were not allowed to take any gun-replicas I built my own gun out of a nerf-gun and made it somewhat steam-punky with a bit of copper wire and tubes.
I know that the original standard soldiers did not have the red eyes, however I added them since it looks quite cool!

I will add some more pictures later.
I even found a Babydoll cosplayer!

Unfortunately I could only wear the mask for about 10 minutes before my face started melting.
So my next improvements are getting the canadian gas mask and adding a fan into the gas tank on the back and taking the glass-windows out of the gas mask.



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Man, these are pretty hard to find. I'm doing Amber's costume but had to try looking. The closest ones I found were:

Platform Boots: Thigh High 5inTwo-Tone Lace-Up Platform Thigh-high Boot, Side Zipper Black-Red/Black

Two colour Lace Up Front Thigh High Boots :: Thigh High Boots :: Nicci Shoes

In both the heels aren't exactly right. After looking at her single poster again and the way the top of the boot fits her leg shape exactly, you gotta wonder at this point if they were custom-made?
I know this is an old thread but Amber's screen used boots were fiorentini & baker boots similar to these but black.

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Hello all. I am currently looking for a set of Babydoll Pistol decals, as well as her pistol charms. Any assistance here would be much appreciated. Thank you!


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Does anyone have a hi res image of the designs on the gun and sword? I have a vinyl cutter and I want to cut the designs on my cutter.
Etsy is a bust for premade decals and google has turned up low quality images