sucker punch

  1. DONW999

    Katana- Sucker Punch -Finally finished with the video-

  2. DONW999

    Babydoll's katana from SuckerPunch - Ten Years in the Making!

    HI All, It's finally "finished". I Present to you, the Katana from Sack Snyder's Sucker Punch, Babydoll's weapon with the fate already written. 24inchs blade, The title say 10 years in the making because I wanted the katana since I saw the movie, and everything I did since then has come to...
  3. DONW999

    SuckerPunchBabydoll's katana Engraving pattern

  4. DawnDreams

    Sweet Pea complete costume (Sucker Punch film)

    I made this costume a while ago, in 2013, and love it so much that I'd like to share it here. :D I wore it in 2013 on the fantasy fair called Elfia in the Netherlands. SInce then I didn't make any costumes anymore due to circumstances. You can view the costume making process on my website...
  5. J

    Babydoll's Colt 1911 (Sucker Punch) - an attempt at more accurate decals etc.

    So my girlfriend wants to do Babydoll for Comic Con. No complaints here. ^____^ I decided I wanted to get a much more engraved look from my decals. I'll try to write in some detail in case it helps you do your own! I started by scanning 1200 DPI from the book to get a lot of detail. (At the...
  6. D

    Sucker Punch Baby Doll Katana Decals

    Hi, I'm searching for Sucker Punch Baby Doll Katana Decals to buy them and I don't find them anywhere on line. Could you help me, please, if you have any information about a seller ? Thanks
  7. PizzyMan

    Babydoll for friend

    So my friend Anne wants a Babydoll costume for Halloween but for under $200. She is coming over tonight for measurements, but since I'm doing several costumes for people for Halloween for time sake (& that I don't have a sewing machine) I will be using & modifying the Cosplay Babydoll costume...
  8. TRisely

    Sucker Punch Babydoll's M1911A1

    So, i've finally finished my replica! I didn't know whether or not to start a new thread, but I did anyway. Well, enough ranting, here is the pic!
  9. JamesBaron

    9 – 10 foot tall Sucker Punch Samurai Costume

    Hi! My name is James Baron and I would like to create a Sucker Punch Giant Samurai costume that is between 9 and 10 feet tall. The costume would be proportional. In other words it would not be a tall, skinny samurai, but a full bodied figure. Before I go into any more detail, I would like to...
  10. Usagi Pilgrim

    Baby Doll's Katana Carrier

    Has anyone made a katana carrier as seen in the movie Sucker Punch? I have looked in the costuming threads & seen several versions of the under-arm holster for the pistol, but the katana carrier seems to be seperate.
  11. TRisely

    Babydoll's M1911A1

    I've finally got round to creating a thread for this. Mainly because i'm running into some very annoying problems. I was happily painting it, and was advised on doing a few more coats, so I proceeded to do so... Until this happened: It seems the paint just refuses to lay flat now. It does...
  12. toxopholite

    Weapons of Sucker Punch: Babydoll's pistol

    I am strongly considering making a replica of Babydoll's pistol from the film Sucker Punch, but since I have not yet seen the film myself, there are a number of questions I need help clarifying. As I have noticed that there are a lot of others who are also planning on making their own replicas...
  13. TONKA1675

    Sucker Punch - Babydoll Costume - FINISHED PG 3

    Here's my first WIP thread on the RPF: Baby Doll from Sucker Punch Obviously since I'm male, this will be for my wife. Most of the planning has already been done by talking with other RPF members in the main Sucker Punch thread, but I felt I needed my own thread so I didn't flood that one...
  14. Rev Scott

    Sucker Punch Giant Samurai - Update - 4/19

    Hey everyone, new to the forum, but not to costumes. At some point I'll post up the pics of my Ash Chainsaw build for you all. Okay, here's the plan, I want to start putting together a Sucker Punch "Giant Samurai" costume for next october. I want to make the Samurai in the center of this...
  15. S

    SUCKER PUNCH-Hero Chalkboard..

    I thought I would share one of my favorite Props from the recently released SUCKER PUNCH. This is the hero Chalkboard which BABYDOLL used to record the 4 items that they needed in order to escape the Asylum. It was fortunate that the SET DEC department did not erase or alter the Board once...
  16. chimmera30

    Sucker Punch Mech Bunny RM Style *face painted*

    Hey guys,just starting the bunny from sucker punch,I love the look of it, so here goes:)
  17. Utinni

    Sucker Punch German Zombies

    I know a lot of the ladies are working on the female characters, so I thought I'd start a new thread to keep the info separate. I'm looking to do one of the German Zombie for SD Comic-Con, specifically this one: I have a TON of ref. pix I took at Comic-Con, including 2 videos of the mouth...
  18. F

    Sucker Punch costume thread

    I did a search and found nothing. So I figured I'd ask... This movie has everything I want in a movie and I eagerly await it :love So, anyone have plans to make any of the costumes? Sweet Pea, one of my Fav's My other fav Amber Trailer Sucker Punch - Movie Trailers - iTunes