Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team full costume - minimal printing


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This feels like the right place to catalog my first adventure.

A friend and I wanted to cosplay Trauma Team for a convention last year and gave ourselves a month. Ha! After a first attempt with foam and cement, he quickly bought a printed helmet for the costume. We both decided that we'd give ourselves a year for the costumes haha.

But I wanted to try my hand at an "old school" approach by mixing and using different parts. Looking at the gear and knowing this is my first true cosplay, I'm going for a "prototype" version of their gear in Cyberpunk 2077. Hoping it'll give it a nice Aliens/Blade Runner aesthetic that the genre kinda started from.The TT costumes (and specifically helmets) seem to be based off of existing military gear, mostly. So I figured I'd start there.

I wanted to be able to see through the helmet, which the 3d printed helmets can't do (well) without some sort of camera system. I also wanted really visceral textures across the helmet, like in the wiring harnesses to really sell it and make it look heavy and realistic. Having been in the infantry for a bit, I have a leg up Knowing what the real thing looks/feels like.

So, I grabbed a fake (airsoft) ballistic helmet, some weird "cyberpunk mask", and a motorcycle bubble face shield, then got to work marking and cutting, etc etc. Thank God for dremels.

I basically eyed the face shield and made marks with it all taped as close to the helmet as I could. Then started cutting a general shape. That got close, I adjusted, then cut the middle out to epoxy the front plate/camera system on. That's printed, as I couldn't really find anything close. Under the tape, I cut out the printed lens and used an old watch glass that was a bit damaged. (acrylic, not actual glass). I had to trim the printed plate and had some holes, so I cut some plastic are to shore those up. Might add some wiring later for texture.

As for the indents... hole saw! I was trying to find some half-dome plastic pieces, but nothing was sized correctly, so I printed a few geodomes at about 20mm, marked the positions, and cut the face shield again. Hot glued the domes in from the back and it's starting to look right.

After that, I wanted the helmet and shield to attach FAIRLY flush, so I cut the helmet shell after marking it. It's pretty close, not perfect. But hey, Prototype haha. Then drilled four points for some screw rivets that should keep it all in place after paint.

I'm nearly at the point of attaching the face shield to the helmet, then moving to the lower mask, which I think I'll attach via some sort of buckles so I can get in and out of it - almost like a pilot's helmet with the detachable bottom half of the mask.

Anyway - this is the beginning. Hope you all dig it.

PS - Already printed the pistol on a whim, so added a few shots of that as well.

Face shield plate: Dream Of Props "Upgrade for trauma team helmet"
Pistol: Tommy250max "cyberpunk militech m-10af Lexington"


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