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Doing some work today on the blue and red Adam and Eve tanks today.
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My wife working hard on the pattern for the glove. This thing is absolutely massive, and the pattern had to be completely done from scratch. The leather bits are not permanently attached, which is why you see the thumb looking so loose and weird.

Got the back tanks finished, now just gotta do the little step that attaches to the bottom for the little sister to stand on.

I wasn’t able to fully diffuse the red lights as easily as the blue so I may look into trying to fix that eventually.


So, I originally had planned and started making the drill out of XPS foam, playing cards, foam clay, and expanding foam for weight. However, it ended up being really heavy. I printed LilyKill’s files for the drill end and it’s much lighter and looks a lot better. It’s a bit shorter than I expected but really nice nonetheless and will still look proportioned well with the costume. Now onto filling, sanding, and texturing.

Helmet almost ready to be molded. Have some greeblies to attach and then I’m adding a bit more subtle texturing in some areas.

Copper doesn’t really “texture” when it oxidizes super often, but sometimes it does, after looking at page after page of vintage diving helmets that have been oxidized. The in-game model and the blur model also have a heavy texture, and so he’s depicted as having a very textured helmet. So, I’m going to try to go kind of in-between this to make it realistic while also matching some reference and make it just very subtly textured in sparse areas.
Some updates…
Helmet is almost ready for molding. Should be ready tomorrow:


Here is a test of the upper body, helmet, and feet. Note: I still have to create the leg padding to make my lower half look big, and then the forearm/hand extensions as well. So far, the whole suit stands at about 7’3.


My wife has also sewn the shirt now as well. This will have a zipper attached on each forearm, and at the waist, to create a “one piece suit” look like the reference.

A picture of me with it for size comparison. Note: I am 6’ tall and about 185 pounds.

Drill update as well:

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