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Alright, some gear pieces painted up, AND I started fiberglassing the pepakura body suit. I’ve been working for a while secretly on a method to get the suit proportioned properly AND still have the arms able to move fully, and I think I’ve finally got it. I won’t go into more details until I’ve got enough arm progress to show, but this Hulk Pepakura file I found on Etsy (I’ll get the name of the creator later) and upscaled to the correct proportions is just the beginning. I’m not using the entire file, just bits and pieces I need to make the “skeleton” that I will wear… I’ll keep you guys posted but should end up not only looking perfect, but having full range of motion including bending the arms to 90% as well.
Don’t pay attention to my absolutely exhausted face, but I’m happy to say… this is gonna work. Still girthing up the shoulders with expanding foam, but pleased to announce that I tried it all on… and guess what? My theory was CORRECT. Although the biceps are indeed longer than mine and cover my elbow bend, I can STILL bend my elbows a FULL 90%. Extremely natural looking and has very natural movements once worn (doesn’t look like I’m stiff and can’t move my arms properly).

To give you an idea of size, you can see me behind it, and I’m about 6’ tall and 200 pounds so not a small guy by any means.


Just doing some mild experimenting tonight with the shoulders and how I’m going to go about attaching them. Currently, he’s a bit too wide and bulky in the shoulders on the arms so I’ll need to trim those down a decent bit and work from there, but I’m still testing some things out to try and get it perfected. Nothing is permanently attached yet, including the “muscle” chest I have on there. Im going to have to peel the tape attached pieces off and build up a bit more expanding foam in the areas missing some and then build the shoulder attachment shortly after that.


A couple of quick updates.

- helmet is still being sculpted on but it’s getting close to being completed.

- back plate is just about ready for molding. 90% of it will be covered anyway but I want to make sure what does show will look nice

- the drill has been annoying as I really just do sculpting and painting, not full on crafting from foam, so this part has been wonky for me. My idea was, do it in XPS foam, expansion foam, tape, paper mache (or something similar but harder) and then texture with Bondo to match the drill. The threads are playing cards and tape. Will it work? Who knows, but it is light so it should have no issues spinning.

- found some new natural rope for the helmet weight… mega happy about that as all my other options were to buy an actual vintage/antique natural rope to use, or use something fake.

Printed and started sanding the knees. They’ll be ready for the mold pretty soon.


Tanks have had a decent amount more work done to them, but not quite ready to be molded


Made a quick and dirty diving weight mold and already pulled a test casting in cold cast aluminum. The mold turned out absolutely perfect which I’m pretty thrilled about. Technically it should be lead, but I like how the cold cast aluminum presents that. The only thing is, I need to find a way to prevent it from rusting, to keep the illusion up that it is lead.


Got some knuckles started in cold cast brass as well:
So my dad has been in the hospital now since December 5th after having a massive heart attack. After surgery, and some really terrible events, I’m happy to say he is doing FANTASTIC and is what they are calling an absolute miracle (thanks be to the Lord).

THAT said, I have had next to no time to work on Delta. However these past few days now that he’s doing so great and on his way back home to us here soon, I have been able to relax and get some work done. Here ya go for now. Just working on some drill stuff and testing out some cold casting techniques for the knee pads and everything else that needs to look brass.



Not going to be any updates for about a week, due to travel for work. But thinking when I get home, the base helmet is just about ready to have the camera attached and everything (other than the brass pieces) textured. Just a simple test fit to make sure it’s looking right. starting to really take shape.


Molds being made currently. I’ve got the large tank base mold finished, everything else under silicone and ready for the shell is the tank toppers, another knee, another elbow, the backplate, and the smaller tank base. Helmet still needs a bit of work before it goes under silicone. The tanks I think will end up being Smoothcast 300, backplate will be fiberglass, and helmet will be a fiberglass enforced Onyx and backed with smoothcast300 (trying to keep the helmet thin, and I would do purely fiberglass and epoxy, but the issue is that I need to cold cast the “brim” of the helmet. So onyx it is.)




I feel like my life right now is just mold, cast, repeat. I’ve made two giant molds for the tanks, an even bigger one for the back plate, so many small molds for the tank toppers and greeblies, and I still haven’t even gotten to the main helmet, visor, etc (getting rather close though).

Anyways, was glad to work on painting the drill and adding some little greeblies to it that my friend CobbatronFx made.

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