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  1. DaBuild

    The grenade Launcher from Bioshock (full build video/blueprint/photos)

    Morning People! Latest build video. The grenade Launcher from Bioshock! Enjoy! =AZXh3xY8YXTT5qbl94uTI2K_lWAs8yU-SiB2nbuegreKjz5cTVwRjjUCbqneq8BA3S3HUdtP0f8lEkVDtW4jegcVDsgFhVD6HWn9q-QGNZo2muA6qG8himXSIRpYhMU0a2g4A76JMHt__SF_PZOVBzuLMQSAvosriqxgTpqzf1gb0eTe1V4Z0lWW0CeEtvz_MCM&__tn__=-]K-R']Dan
  2. AdamHunter

    Bioshock 4 Officially Announced!

    Not sure how many fans of the series there are here, but I've been waiting to hear if "Parkside" was real or not for a while now. It seems like Cloud Chamber (the firm 2K has developed to work on the new game) is made up of a least a chunk of the smoldering remnants of Irrational Games...
  3. Valentine Rebel

    Making Big Sister cosplay from BioShock

    This was my Big Sister cosplay from BioShock. We entered the Alias Entertainment Expo 2017 where we won best performance. Since I’m posting from my phone I’ll most like be posting more pictures than text in hopes that you can follow along with how the costume was made. Summary: -head: Paper...
  4. FreddySchramm

    AR-T3CO Custom Rayguns.

    About two years ago I designed and modeled an original concept for an art deco style raygun. I recently Molded the 3D printed prototype and cast a few in hopes of selling kits. I was able to cast 6, but since the mold fused (shoulda used more release ....) and me having to jewel cut it out, each...
  5. H

    Bioshock Spider Splicer Hooks

    I'm currently working on a pair of spider splicer meat hooks; I am carving them out of a few layers of insulation foam. This is what I've got carved so far. I want the hook to be thinner, but I'm worried about the foam breaking. Any thoughts or suggestions? ​Meagan -- HYPH8
  6. Goldie1471

    My Bioshock Splicer Bunny

    I Know its been done many times before but i wanted to do my own version of a "Bioshock splicer bunny" for last Halloween (2016) sorry but i didn't take photos of the whole process but i will post what i have. the finished item is cast in easyflo 120 resin and painted in crackle paint with gold...
  7. S

    Subject Delta Advice

    Hello and Good evening I am hoping to build a full subject delta costume for next years local comic con. I have many ideas and would like some advice/help with them This is the big guy that I'm aiming for. My ideas are simple, i have some "guides" to follow for most of the build, however any...
  8. ViniDamiani

    Bioshock Infinite Prop Replica build

    Hey, I'm new here and i joined because i'm here starting to build props, i have a lot of experience with plastic models and 3d models but i need help with prop making, i'm building the case that Booker Dewitt opens in the start of the game with some images, a key, elizabeth pictures and a...
  9. raiskream

    Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth Corset Costume

    Introduction I want to note that my main reference is this XPS 3D Model set which I open using the XNALara XPS program. Table of Contents Corset: Drafting. Busk. Video of final piece. Another photo. Bolero and Skirt: Bolero pattern coming soon. Necklace: Process. Wig and makeup: 1. 2. Final...
  10. R

    Bioshock 2 Little Sister Cosplay

    Hi friends! This will be my first thread so just bear with me as I figure everything out! I'm planning to log every bit of progress that I make here so prepare for an obnoxiously detailed thread haha I've been dying to do this cosplay for a while. Most people agree that Bioshock 2 wasn't as...
  11. A

    FINISHED 1/6 scale Bioshock Big Daddy Figure project

    Hello! After a long period of inactivity on the forums due to several things, I´m back again. Since I recently got a new job I also got access to a pretty neat model shop, including a CNC mill, I figured this would be a time as good as ever to start one of my long-time planned projects. I...
  12. G

    Trying to slush cast multiple splicer masks, what is best cheap resin?

    Basically, I've got a silicone and plaster mold already made and functional and I need some cheap decent resin that doesn't take 4 hours to dry. So, any suggestions? I'd like something that I'm able to fill in imperfections, and it, rim it, and put some cheap paint on it. I'd really like any...
  13. Hippie Dude

    Bioshock Splicer Mask

    I made a rabbit splicer mask from Bioshock about a year ago and decided to post the process! To begin I used plaster bandage to cover my face in what is pretty much the overall shape of the mask. I coated my face in petroleum jelly to avoid the plaster bandage sticking beforehand. I did this...
  14. D

    Bioshock Splicer Rabbit Mask

    Made this mask from PVC pipe. Heated and formed.
  15. D

    Bioshock Adam Syringe

    So I thought I would put up some pics of my Adam syringe that I made for my daughters little sister costume. The syringe is made from PVC pipe.
  16. H

    Bioshock2 Big Sister build

    Okay so I'm making a Big Sister cosplay for the upcoming MCM convention in London in May and thought it would be fun to share my progress. I first started off with the neck piece, I used an old mannequin and sculpted the neck piece shape and size. From here I was then able to cover the...
  17. F

    Building Booker Dewitt Box

    I was building my ESB DL-44, and my original idea was to use a mid-range BB gun as the base Mauser instead of a Denix to save some money. Unfortunately, the Mauser wasn't as sturdy as I had hoped, and it didn't work, as you can see in my original post...
  18. M

    Steampunk/Bioshock style goggles I made.

    Second attempt at steampunking something. So much fun.
  19. P

    Bioshock Splicer Rabbit Mask Build

    First time posting a build, also first prop build. So I am a total scrub. I first started in illustrator using some references from the game and pictures of my face to scale the dimensions of the mask, then printed them out and spray adhesive them to foam core. I then cut those out and hot...
  20. S

    Bioshock Infinite, The Rollerston "Tripple R" Repeater.

    I have spent the past month working on this so here are some shots of the finished prop.
  21. Caldwell

    NOVA Arms Limited Model 77 Osiris

    The NOVA Arms Limited Model 77 Osiris is a handheld, electrically-charged chemical laser sidearm. It chambers a 10x14 millimeter chemical laser cartridge from a ten-round internal magazine. The weapon is fired through a direct-impingement electric igniter. Once the round is loaded into the...
  22. Y

    Custom Visors?

    Hi, I'm completely new to the whole Cosplay thing and i'm currently trying to figure out how to make a Custom Visor for my little brothers helmet i'm helping create. Does anyone have any ideas that could help me create a custom visor? Vacuum forming? heat forming a visor on it's own? If anyone...
  23. Psquiddy

    Bioshock Infinite Fireman renders

    A year ago I set out to make a Fireman suit from Bioshock: Infinite. Unfortunately, certain issues and accidents put me back almost a year (I will start soon though!). Though, in my year of planning and being held back, all I could ever muster up were a few random screenshots of the enemy (the...
  24. Weaselhammer

    Bioshoch Infinite Whistler prop (Songbird flute)

    I have been working on this for a couple months on and off now, I finally finished it today ! It's made from pvc and styrene with pex tubing. Thanks for looking !
  25. U

    A BioShock Music Project: Making some records and a record bin [Image Heavy]

    I suppose this thread will document three projects that I've been working on. My BioShock Record Collection The first is something that I've been doing since shortly before BioShock 2 came out. It's not really a prop so much as an introduction on why I'm doing these projects. I've loved the...

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