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Contemplating the labels that I had planned to include on my UV curing box control panel. Many of the Starfleet computers and consoles have no labels on them at all:

This would make for a non-intuitive interface, and there are plentiful examples of consoles containing labels:


Yep, as usual no consistency. I'm pretty sure I'd like to include labels on my console, but not really a fan of combining both black and red labels on such a small area. I've got both red and black dry-transfer lettering in the correct font, so what do you think? All black? All red? A combination of the two colors? Personally I prefer the all-black look.


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One of your computer pics has all black letters and one has black and red letters, since both styles are accurate, do what you want. All black is good if there is no reason to have two colors.


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OMG, don't you just love it when discovering a screwup that's too late to correct? I just realized today that the Mi5 and Se1 labels are swapped. The intent was to have Mi1 and Se1 "connected" with the red line, because you press them both together for resetting the timer. I suppose if I really wanted to I could go back and fix it, but it would be significant work for negligible gain - so this is the way it's going to be. Damn.


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It'd probably be easier to swap the switches than the labels hah.
I thought of that, but it's not the switches being a problem - they're not wired to any boards yet. It's the labels that are the problem. They indicate what to press for each function. (I am considering sanding off those two labels and redoing them.)


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This is so cool!!
Thanks! There's also a "hangar bay" garage makeover coming that I've been keeping pretty quiet about, but a lot of materials are already acquired for that 1:1 scale project. A $10K driveway replacement was completed two months ago, and here's a sneak peek at the Race Deck floor layout with recessed LED "approach lights":

Garage Floor.gif

....But that will be a separate dedicated YouTube project related to the car. (Yes, I have a very tolerant wife...)


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Nope, it just won't do. I sanded away the two labels and going to redo them. It's a good thing a clear coat was applied between the paint and the dry-transfer lettering, as if this correction was destined to happen. Oddly, the clear coat "yellowed" the gray slightly, which I don't mind - it's a "warmer" gray now than before and looks good, but means I'll be applying another clear coat over the door when sealing the replacement labels. I'm not going to bother with the spraying whole cabinet again, but at least the two front panels should match in color.



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Lots of copyrighted stuff is archived.
Lots of people speed and run red lights too, doesn't make it okay. Maybe I don't have a good understanding of what is, but I'll be transferring a copy of the disks to my own local NAS archive for more-convenient accessing than messing with the CDs.


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No updates lately because I haven't had time for any indoor projects. As part of a much larger project involving the garage flooring, a tree was cut down this winter because its roots were lifting the driveway and had already started lifting the garage floor by 1". I had to act on this right away, and as usual it's evolved into a bigger task. The tree roots had also cracked a few sprinkler lines (there's the cause of my reduced water pressure the last few years), which are now being removed because we're replacing the grass with a synthetic product which doesn't need watering. The concrete crew also caused a fair amount of damage when the driveway was re-poured, so guess who gets to do all those repairs. All the outdoor work takes priority (and a toll on my muscles) so irrigation can get turned on for watering the garden areas.

Tree Roots 2.JPG

Tree Roots 5.JPG

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