1. Jake Kassnoff

    Star Trek Doomsday Machine

    Evil space trumpet!
  2. Props3D

    Star Trek TOS Type 2 Phaser Free 3D Print Model -=Need Trekkie Assistance=-

    Making a TOS Type 2 Phaser model for thingiverse. I couldn't find any good ones out there so just bit the bullet and made one up. Having the hardest time finding good reliable references though, most of what I could find was contradictory. That may be because it changed from ep to ep or prop to...
  3. Starbase101

    Star Trek TOS Inspired Home Office Remodel

    Greetings, I don't know if this is the right place to post something like this, but I thought maybe there could be a few people who might find interest in a remodeling project I've started based on the original Star Trek series. The goal is not to create a replica studio set, instead this is...
  4. kevinv

    Full Size Star Trek NOMAD Build Greebles

    Hello All! I'm modeling a full size Nomad from Star Trek, The Changeling. I love the design of this thing. I'm a bit stuck on some of the little greebles on the bottom, especially the flat ones in the image. I'm close in shape but there's more detail there I am missing. I have found some images...
  5. Kravortek

    Star Trek-TOS-Science Station "Aircraft Style" Buttons?

    I'm looking for info on the rectangular "aircraft style" buttons used on the Bridge of the TOS Enterprise. These were used extensively in the Pilots, but only remained on Spock's station once the series began production. The closed I've been able to find is the Electro Mech SPULE/FENSTER AUF...
  6. karlsharples

    Help. Star Trek transporter room. 2 week build

    Hi guys I need help, I’ve accepted a job to build a full size transporter room for a photo shoot, the license has come through paramount but they won’t give me any dimensions because the set I need to build can’t be from any specific series or ship. I have to build a generic transporter room...
  7. eaviii

    TOS Gorn

    Here’s something you don’t see every day. This piece was done by Hildebeast from the ground up. It is, to my eye, screen accurate and unbelievably detailed. The costume is modelled complete with hidden zippers and vents. Just cool. Definitely an outstanding piece. There’s a sound module in the...
  8. Grimusaur

    Color Matching Star Trek TOS Uniforms

    I'm working on a digital project that involves the Star Trek TOS uniforms, and I'm considering buying the Anovos TOS neckties to use as color swatches since I trust the research that's gone into their dyeing process and I think the colors look perfect as far as my personal preferences go (and...
  9. T

    Burke Chair--Star Trek TOS

    Hey all, I finally got 2 Burke 115's! Does anyone have any resources to turn them into the TOS chairs? Paint colors/triangles...ect? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. T

    Star Trek TOS Computer Lens Caps?

    Hi! I've seen old posts on here about someone being able to source the lens covers for the lights on the old TOS computer displays. Does anyone know of a source for these? Thanks!
  11. PhuketAussie

    Enterprise Desk

    Hello everyone, I'm very excited to find this community of fans, and hope that I can share a long-term project I have in mind, and maybe hone it with some ideas that you might have. I currently have a large desk with a three-shelf hutch, built from rough recycled timers, and backed with rough...
  12. Trekguy

    Want to Buy John Long Communicator Commission Build

    I have a John Long communicator that I bought years ago. I know I will never have ability to build it. So I am looking for someone who is experienced on building TOS communicators and would be interested in building this for me.
  13. Phaser TOS Fiberglas Vintage

    Phaser TOS Fiberglas Vintage

    A new addition to my collection
  14. Phaser TOS Fiberglas Vintage

    Phaser TOS Fiberglas Vintage

    A new addition to my collection
  15. Phaser TOS Fiberglas Vintage

    Phaser TOS Fiberglas Vintage

    A new addition to my collection
  16. Phaser TOS Fiberglas Vintage

    Phaser TOS Fiberglas Vintage

    A new addition to my collection
  17. NormanF's ST:TOS Dr. Adams

    NormanF's ST:TOS Dr. Adams

    NormanF's 2012 Costume Entry