Space X Dragon Helmet 3D Model and Build (V2 Finished Bust on p.3)


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Hello. I got the helmet files on Etsy . Any advise on how to produce/aquire the visor. I'm going to need a few. Thank you!


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Thought I'd share progress on this 3d model of the new version of the Space X helmet I have been slowly working on for the last few weeks. This is actually my second attempt at this helmet, but we aren't gonna talk about the first one...(it was real bad)
My plan is to create a bust of this helmet, which would go down to the collar piece.

Here are a couple of renderings of the model:
View attachment 984778

View attachment 984772

View attachment 984773
The upper part of the helmet will actually swing open and will feature a functional release when the two buttons on the side are pushed.
View attachment 984780
I am going to start printing the parts within the next few days, then it's a whole lotta sanding
Hi!! I would absolutely love to buy one of these helmets for Halloween and live not too far from you as I also live in Florida! I was que wrong if there was a price set so I could start the process?


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totally love the work, I do have a 24"X24" vacuum former. Is there any way I can buy the files on Etsy ? it currently shows as sold out,

Regards Geordy


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