1. veneziaworks

    How to Train Your Dragon - Toothless Tail Fin Prosthetic

    I've been wanting to make a prop from the HTTYD universe for quite some time and my will to do this resurfaced when I stumbled upon a working CAD model of Toothless' Tail Fin on a Reddit post. I contacted the owner of the file and he was happy to share it with me. I will probably modify the...
  2. dotails

    Weebette (Robot from Flubber)

    Im just about done with Weebette's 3d Model to 3d print. I loved her mother, Weebo, but I love symmetry even more. I think in the future we will have person AI pals, so this movie was ahead of its time. She features: opening screen, flapping fins, rotating skirt, and ball joint thrusters. I...
  3. DSNME

    3D-printed X-Wing in 1:12 scale (for Hasbro Black Series 6" figures)

    Hello everyone, I’m Dominic, 34 years old, long time Star Wars and X-Wing fan. I’m reading in this forum for years now, getting all sorts of tips and information about all kinds of Star Wars models. Great place! Now, after all these years, I have built something that is worth sharing here...
  4. askernas

    Blade Runner 2019 Voight-Kampff machine: fully electronic version

    Hello all! A while ago, I made an electronic conversion of a resin kit by Chaucer44 from Goldenarmor of a VK kit. I actually made two... Here's the final version: I ended up redesigning the entire arm and eye mechanism in CAD, based on some measurements from the great resin kit for scale, but...
  5. krispikarim

    Space X Dragon Helmet 3D Model and Build (V2 Finished Bust on p.3)

    Thought I'd share progress on this 3d model of the new version of the Space X helmet I have been slowly working on for the last few weeks. This is actually my second attempt at this helmet, but we aren't gonna talk about the first one...(it was real bad) My plan is to create a bust of this...