Space Marine Primaris Helmet


Everything printed, and almost all glued. Beautiful model Bisect!
Started with the filler on the seams already. Had some large ones above the ears. Initially I had glued the whole cowl together minus the ears, but then I could not find a way to make them fit. So I pried the front apart, glued in the ears then glued the back of cowl back, but it was not a perfect fit like before unfortunately. Don't fancy printing it all again so I will fix it with filler. My plan is to get all layer lines and seams to disappear, prime it with a slight texture, mold it and cold-cast it with 65D and aluminium powder, polish it to the max, then paint the cast and distress it a bit to show the aluminium here and there. I'll make my own build thread though, but kudos to you!

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