1. M

    Halloween: Go For Launch Part II and III

    This is part II and III of Halloween: Go For Launch. Part I is at the following link: Halloween: Go For Launch PART II: THE G5C GEMINI SUIT 1. Before 2. After Suit: To go with the outdoor display theme props of a Gemini launch run by skeletons (see link), a matching costume was...
  2. Kevin Hall

    James Webb Space Telescope launch is rescheduled again

    JWST now is going to be launched on December, 24. For those who want to watch it here is the link: Just a quick reminder. Webb's telescope will give us an opportunity to observe the Universe's first galaxies, reveal the birth of stars and planets, and look for exoplanets with the potential for...
  3. Axl42

    Hello! Advice Needed for Painting Spandex

    Hello friends! I am a fairly novice costume maker and seeking advice. I am recreating the Northern Lights in costume-form. The base of the costumes are a holographic spandex (see below - the suits will be black, not white) and I will be painting with Jacquard Lumiere & Neopaque. Any advice on...
  4. TheMurph

    Small scratch built 'Utility Space Vehicle'

    So after Lurking here for quite some time and becoming heavily inspired by the likes of Mung, Gattaca and Bauble and many others on the forum I can't remember the names of (sorry!) I finally decided to just go for it and start building stuff. This is pretty much my first attempt at modelling and...
  5. Harada357

    Planet of the Vampires 1965 Movie - Prop Rifle - Build

    I was looking for anyone who built a 'prop Replica of the "Planet of the Vampires" 1965 film - Prop Rifle. I was looking for the most accurate information - It is a ODD Ball piece - but I loved the film. It inspired the Alien film and many others. Very moody - SCI FI horror on a low budget -...
  6. winf

    1:8 Scale ‘MOON’ base replica!!

    I’m currently a Model Making student at the National Film and Television school just outside London. Over the last five and a half weeks we have been busy building a 1:8 scale replica of base set from the film MOON. This was our first team project which was lead by John Lee (who actually...
  7. Valor

    Replica NASA Plutonium Pellet

    This week I found a picture of a plutonium “pellet” that NASA uses to power everything from the Voyager spacecraft to Mars rovers. I found these little radioactive marshmallows beautiful and fascinating, - and I wanted my own. I researched the actual size and built one, complete with a NASA...
  8. Rynaut

    SpaceX IVA Suit Build

    I’ve been lurking here for a while and after watching the Launch America coverage, I took a deep dive to don the superhero inspired SpaceX pressure suit. I soon discovered there weren’t too many fans that have taken up the challenge to make a high detail replica yet. With the help of many...
  9. Jake Kassnoff

    Avatar Space Sword

  10. Jake Kassnoff

    SpaceX Helmet

  11. machzeropoint2

    NASA S1035 (ACES) Helmet

    It started as a really cool gift idea, and begged the question how hard could it be to find a space helmet that doesn't look like a fishbowl turned upside down. Oh how quickly and deeply the rabbit hole went. In the process of fleshing out this idea it seems the only way to make this come to...
  12. tomekdersuaaron

    Making my own original design spacesuit - Multi-Year Project

    For the past years I've been working on designing and fabricating a spacesuit I’m going to use in a project called the Ceres program. I think I must have read everything on this forum involving spacesuits, starting with Ryan Nagata’s Apollo A7L build, so I must thank you for all your knowledge...
  13. immortalverse

    Apollo era EVA glove build (need better reference materials!)

    Hey guys, so I’m building a pair of Apollo era EVA gloves, and I’m currently scrambling the internet for photos and resources to measure and create patterns for my own pair of gloves. (Hundreds off photos so far and tons of measurements Currently, I’ve sourced some really good materials, and am...
  14. TaterHater

    Upcycled/Low budget A7L Space Suit

    Hey everyone. I've lurked on a couple other Apollo related projects and posted here and there, and just (finally) decided to make a new thread for it. Just like a lot of other people here, I was inspired by a perfect storm of the Apollo 11 50th anniversary, the work of Ryan Nagata, and reading...
  15. Lankybean

    Sunshine (2007) spacesuit replica

    Hey all Im looking to build the space suit from Danny Boyle's film from 2007 Sunshine. Its super unique so its probably gunna be a difficult one Its hard finding any reference online for it, i was wondering if anyone has images with better detail or even better some kind of 3d model. Any...
  16. Justin Olsen

    Alien Covenant Space Suit

    Im interested and planing on making the Alien Covenant Suit Adam Savage(Mythbusters/Tested) has worn, admired in the past! idk something about this suit really speaks to me, maybe its the green visor, maybe the carbon fiber... anyway! id love some help and maybe some people to bounce ideas off of.
  17. krispikarim

    Space X Dragon Helmet 3D Model and Build (V2 Finished Bust on p.3)

    Thought I'd share progress on this 3d model of the new version of the Space X helmet I have been slowly working on for the last few weeks. This is actually my second attempt at this helmet, but we aren't gonna talk about the first one...(it was real bad) My plan is to create a bust of this...
  18. DeferredDefect

    2001 Space Helmet Resources

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums, and am looking for some info on a project I'd like to start in the new year, being a replica of the space helmet used in 2001 A Space Odyssey. I'll be CAD modelling and printing the shell, and I'm looking for any resources. So far I've found some photos but no...
  19. zachsbanks547

    Apollo A7L Spacesuit Build

    I’m embarking on making my own Apollo A7L Spacesuit replica. I certainly don’t expect to be up to Mr. Nagata level (it’s a holy grail for me to own one of his replicas someday), but hopefully I can make something reasonably accurate that can be made with what what I have available. I started...
  20. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  21. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  22. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  23. Spearhead_From_Space_18


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  25. Spearhead_From_Space_16