1. Rentokill72

    Non-electronic display for the gauntlet computer - interesting or not?

    Hey guys, I hope I am not overstepping here - I have had a surprising amount of success with my lenticular displays for the Mandalorian wrist computer. That made me think - could this little gadget be interesting for makers of other props as well? Here is an example: Stark Studios - Lenticular...
  2. Finns Forge

    Picard Season 3 Skulls For 3D Printing

    There was a home office shown in season 3 of Picard where some of the greatest characters of Star Trek had their skulls displayed as trophies. I needed them. I found that reaching out to art teams, and props departments were not going to get me anywhere so soon after the episode aired. Yet, as...
  3. catboat

    Mandalorian Diorama for 1/6 scale Hot Toys Mandalorian/IG-11

    Ok I am brand new here to the forums. So hello everyone. I have the 1/6 scale Mandalorian and IG-11 figures from Hot Toys on order and am working on a display for them. I thought about getting a Cricket to cut out the layers needed to recreate the scene after they blow the blast door open in...
  4. L

    Custom Display for 1989 Batmobile

    Any recommendations on who could build a custom display case / coffee table for the 1/6 scale 1989 Hot Toys Keaton Batmobile? Here's a mockup I threw together, but very open to suggestions. Also open to a batcave inspired diorama inside the coffee table / display case. I need a very skilled...
  5. iron-man-iii-hall-of-armor