noble collection

  1. JJByers

    The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings Arms & Armour

    Wow. I haven't been back on the rpf since I started collecting years ago. I hope everyone's doing well with recent events and goings on worldwide. In the absence here I started an overview channel for my Hobbit / LOTR findings so far. And since I've recovered my password I'd thought I'd share...
  2. A

    Jumanji Noble Collection Repaint

    Hey everyone, figured I’d share some of the work I’ve been doing on my Jumanji Replica from the Noble Collection. The modifications I’ve made so far are a repaint of the brown “wood” areas. I just painted it with Burnt Umber acryllic paint, masked off the center area and gave it a clear coat...
  3. amydaavis

    Harry Potter Collection

    Here’s some photos of my collection! Please share your own so we can geek out over each others beautiful things!