Shadows of the Empire Snoova accessories.


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Hello to all.

My name is Billy and into costumes and props 19yrs ago but ONLY Star Trek Klingon so not alot of experience. After a deployment 6 yrs ago I transitioned into Star Wars Han Solo. Now I'm looking to move into Wookiedom. I've been in contact with enough folks and seen some FANTASTIC Wooks that between my wife and I, we can not embarrass me on the suit :lol. Anyway as gift to myself post upcoming deployment I'm aiming to attend C6, (This will motivate me to use the wookie hair I've had for 1.5 yrs) but my friends and I are all trying to do Bounty Hunters. So I thought Snoova would be fun.......but come to find out I'm trailblazing here and with the deployment in the way I will only have maybe 2.5 to 3 months before the Con. Any ideas on how to do his armor/accessories?


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No idea as far as the armor goes but I would suggest using a Nerf Barricade as a base for the blaster, especially if you can find the bonus pack version that comes with the stock. It should be available at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. Just add a scope, some greeblies and paint and it should look pretty close.
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