star wars the empire strikes back

  1. dkraude

    Limited Run IG-88 DLT20A Machined Parts Denix Conversion

    I have been working on an all metal machined Denix Conversion kit for an IG-88 DLT20A. I had 4 being made but due to financial difficulties 2 of the 4 buyers have needed to back out. I am posting this thread to see if there is any interest in purchasing the remaining 2 slots. This build will...
  2. Pepperbone

    >> Custom Star Wars - Bounty Hunter-style costumes

    I've been contemplating making my own Bounty Hunter-style costume (or a rogue character) based on some design ideas I've been playing with. Head-to-toe, including custom weapon(s). Prequels were cool, but anything that revolves around the original trilogy's production design remains my...
  3. RS_ROGUE3.jpg


    From RS Props
  4. BM_BF_ESB_SIDE.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  5. BM_BF_ESB_FRONT2.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  6. BM_BF_ESB_FRONT1.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  7. BM_BF_ESB_34.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  8. chubsANDdoggers

    TESB “Hoth” Han Solo Blaster replica..

    This is my scratch built (Denix & 3D printed) HOTH blaster from The Empire Strikes Back.. I’ve been studying these dl-44 blasters under a microscope for a while now and every time I think I have it figured out a new detail emerges. But this is where I am at today. When I started on this Hoth...
  9. Jake Kassnoff

    Foam Mandalorian Helmet

  10. Frogfreak

    ESB Han Solo

    Alright! As you may know from the title I am wanting to put together an esb Han solo costume! But here's the thing I'm not wanting to sew anything except possibly a leather holster! But I also only have like a $50 budget so I need help cause I can't find anything that works for me! Now it...
  11. kokkari

    Medical Frigate Redemption 1/350 scale

    Was lucky enough to get a hold of one of these kits from JPG Productions. It's a resin kit mastered from Nicholas Sagan measuring in at about 36". This has long been one of my favorite ships from Star Wars and is going to be my way to start off the new year. Thought I would document my build as...
  12. shareahack

    Han Solo in Carbonite Pumpkin - Happy Halloween!

    Carved this out on the CNC just to see if it was possible...had to flatten his face a bit on the 3d model to fit the depth of the pumpkin wall so not exactly a dead ringer :lol Happy Halloween everyone. Quick video of the 3D carving process here on instagram...
  13. QCWolf

    CARBONITE: The Sequel

    I struck a deal with my tattoo artist friend that if I would build a Han Solo in Carbonite for him, he would provide me with some amazing tattoo work. He would buy all the requisite parts and I would build the prop. At this point, I'm nearly finished and thought I'd share the progress. I've...
  14. WorksByaHurst

    Scratch Built Steel Millennium Falcon

    Hello everyone, This is only my second post so bear with me. I don’t know exactly where I fall in the modeling world. I mainly work in metal so I’m guess that would classify me as more of a Sculptor but I am learning more modeling techniques. I hope to stake my sculpting more into the scale...
  15. Indy Magnoli

    Interest Hoth Goggles

    Someone asked if we could do a run of accurate Hoth Goggles, so I'd like to gauge interest here for the this project: No price at the moment, but shouldn't be outrageous. So, need to know how many are looking for more accurate goggles or if most are happy with the "close enoughs" currently...
  16. tmax

    E-33 Carbine - quick, cheap build. Finished!

    Putting together a quick/cheap EE-3 for a friend. Told him it won't be accurate, but we'll try get something that still looks the part. Picked up these parts a few months ago for around $50... I reckon there's enough there to make it work. Mounted the larger pipe to the toy gun and cut up...
  17. Pepperbone

    Looking for a Studio Scale or slightly lower scale SNOWSPEEDER KIT

    So far I contacted NICE-N MODEL DESIGNS (a few months ago) but I never got a reply. Based on what I read, they're usually busy. I contacted NEXUS-MODELS (just a few days ago) and waiting for a reply. But, also based on what I read: he's pretty busy too. IMO, this is the best one I've seen so...
  18. Star Wars Helmets

    John Mollo's sketchbooks and artwork up for auction. Star Wars, Alien, Empire etc

    Heads up on an upcoming auction featuring John Mollo's personal notebooks sketchbooks and artwork from his fantastic career in film costume design, spanning four decades. From The Charge of the Light Brigade, through Kubrick's unfinished Napoleon and Barry Lyndon, Lucas's Star Wars and The...
  19. Aldo The Apache

    EFX Luke Graflex Reveal

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe anyone has brought this topic up after EFX announced at Sdcc 2018 that they were doing this. Many people have thought this replica was dead, but if you didn’t know EFX have announced they are doing this and new other lightsabers. If you have seen my...
  20. N

    The Best Graflex

    Here it is, I have been waiting to make this thread for a long time. Mostly because I have had to wait for certain variations of the Saber to be released. This thread will cover the best Graflex Replicas from every movie variation. Hope you all enjoy: So, we all know that the most iconic prop...
  21. vectorzero

    Want to Buy WTB: Studio Scale TIE Fighter (UK)

    Hi Looking for a 1/24 TIE Fighter to go with my X and Y Wings.
  22. juliusjammer

    Help with Blaster sound board

    HI, I have a Denix Bespin DL-44 kit I am working on. I wanted sound but did not need the full features of the $100 Blaster Boards. I actually love the sound that the new Nerf blasters make so I purchased the Qi'ra Nerf blaster. But wanting better sound I purchased the 28mm Premium Speaker...
  23. GoldPointProps

    Metal Darth Vader Helmet Build

    hello I am becoming active on here again I never posted the metal darth vader helmet on here and I think you guys will like it. here is the link to the build video
  24. Star Wars Helmets

    RS PropMasters Snowtrooper Helmet Review and Original Snowtrooper Costume page

    Hi all, I've just added a review of the excellent RS Prop Masters Snowtrooper helmet to my site, and following some great help and insight from TubaChris, there's been a much needed overhaul of the Snowtrooper section too. Here are some pics of the RS Props helmet.... comparison with a...
  25. gt350pony66

    1/72 Hoth Echo Base Hangar diorama

    The Bandai Xwing on the kitchen table thread has morphed into something much larger. So at the suggestion of our good friend Socrates, we'll start a new thread with a title that's more in tune with the project.and this next image is, I believe, a 1/48 scale someone did in Japan? this is what I'm...