star wars return of the jedi

  1. Tommy

    Elstree Studios demo map – from Star Wars / Indy / The Shining… to a parking lot

    I put together this overlay map for fun a few months back, and thought some folks here might appreciate it. Any fan of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Shining, The Dark Crystal – among other iconic films – is intimately familiar with Elstree Studios, even if they don’t recognize the name. Located...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Biker Scout Helmet

    eva foam tutorial:
  3. roygilsing

    ROTJ Darth Vader Graflex Stunt (MoM)(a.k.a. DV6) – by WannaWanga

    I decided to start a new thread for this project: WannaWanga accurate (unidealized) ROTJ Darth Vader’s stunt saber parts. Rather than adding to my 2014 thread (Various OT lightsaber WannaWanga parts (new ALU MPP shroud)) I think it makes sense to start a fresh one for updates, feedback and...
  4. Pepperbone

    >> Custom Star Wars - Bounty Hunter-style costumes

    I've been contemplating making my own Bounty Hunter-style costume (or a rogue character) based on some design ideas I've been playing with. Head-to-toe, including custom weapon(s). Prequels were cool, but anything that revolves around the original trilogy's production design remains my...
  5. Jake Kassnoff

    Luke's Lightsaber Build

  6. Frogfreak

    My attempt at a budget palpatine costume.

    Hey guys, as you may have seen recently, I am working on making my own Palpatine prosthetic mask/makeup. (If you wanna check out how that's going, it's right HERE: Palpatine sculpt/upcoming facial prosthetics ) Now, that's only part of it. As the title implies, I'm working on my own full...
  7. Jake Kassnoff

    Leia Jedi Training Helmet

  8. Cbstudios

    Luke ROTJ thin neck build from a MR Force FX

    Hey all. So a few years back, I scored a Master Replicas Luke ROTJ Force Fx saber in a trade for some leather work. This saber had been converted to an in-hilt luxeon well before I got it, and it had seen some fair damage, I’d pulled it apart to repair some solder joints a few times, and was...
  9. Star Wars Helmets

    Review of Clothears Leia Boushh Helmet

    Just added a review of the Clothears Boushh helmet, which arrived a few days ago... As many of you know there aren't a lot of choices out there for Boushh, and Altmanns aside, no Licensed companies have produced one yet. I think they've done a really amazing job with this. I ordered it in May...
  10. K

    SDCC Bandai B-Wing 1/72 Finished

    Today I took a break from my Falcon and Cloud City Diorama to put this guy together. I should have it done later tonight..
  11. Joek3rr

    OR/ KR Sabers V2 build/modify thread- all are welcomed!

    I thought since @halliwax has a thread going for working on the Anakin Starkiller V2. I'd get a KR Sabers V2 thread going. So if anyone wants to share their building/modifying/weathering progress/hints/tips/tricks feel free to put them here! I'll start! I just got the anodizing removed off...
  12. lukold

    Ultimate Works x The Pach Store Luke V1 Hero saber

    Hey everyone, check out our rendition of the Luke Hero saber. Hope you like it! It's my favorite to date. Watch the video here Fully installed with the following specs Fully installed with lights and sound. - Tricree RGB color changing...
  13. tomleech

    Limited Run Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard

    Hi guys! For some time I have been working on learning everything I possible can about the Royal Guard's 'Force Pike' prop made for Return of the Jedi with the goal of having a small run of them machined from steel and aluminum. I am extremely pleased to be at the point in this project where I...
  14. jsummit

    Nerf Star Wars Biker Scout Blaster

    Here's our full mod process of a Nerf Triad EX3 into a Star Wars Biker Scout Blaster!
  15. MadCowRebel

    Luke ROTJ V2 saber build

    Hi all. Am still very new to the forum but have been an admirer for years. Anyways, I am looking to semi scratchbuild my own V2 saber from aluminum on a lathe and though I have gathered a ton of info from various sources there is still a lot I don't know about the saber. so If you could lend a...
  16. joeydee

    1/350 Death Star II Porthole

    This is my main project since months: The original studio model looks a little arbitrary and boring around the porthole. My main features will be the same, but I'll work with more holes, layers and trenches, and closer to a given grid. Interior mockup with some raw pipes and a Tie...
  17. joeydee

    Tie Interceptor 1/350 scratch

    This one started as a "project in project" for a bigger scene, but turned out to be a nice separate display. Started with an 8 mm decoration bead and some plastic. (Cutting mat grid is 10mm) Guns too fat - I removed them later. The cockpit hole was carefully drilled by hand. Several...
  18. camprandall

    Kenner Squid Head Costume Build

    Ok, so I started in on Amanaman and realized it was a ridiculous costume for a human to attempt to wear (and be accurate) so I shifted my attention to Squid Head - the Kenner action figure version. He's goofy, very identifiable, and kinda humanoid so that's all I needed! It's also been an...
  19. GoldPointProps

    Metal Darth Vader Helmet Build

    hello I am becoming active on here again I never posted the metal darth vader helmet on here and I think you guys will like it. here is the link to the build video
  20. tomleech

    RotJ Force Pike Accurate Build/Research

    I'm planning on joining the 501st sometime soon as a Royal Guard and obviously need a force pike. There seems to be fairly little around in terms of concrete parts/measurements of the original 'hero' prop. I found a thread comparing a picture of force pike blueprints from Star Wars: The...
  21. J

    DL-18 (Kanan Jarrus's Blaster Pistol build

    I am attempting my very first blaster build and wanted to build the DL-18 for a friend's Birthday gift. My intention is to machine a skeletal frame out of aluminum and attach 3D printed TPU (Thermoplastic-Polyurethane) as the exterior body of the blaster. The scope and barrel will also be made...
  22. N

    My 3D printed projects

    Hey guys, I've been a lurker here for a while with not much to contribute but early this year I bought myself a 3d printer. I've been having heaps of fun printing out my favourite Star Wars props and recently I've been teaching myself how to model. Thought I would start a thread and show off...
  23. PoopaPapaPalps

    Limited Run **LINEAGE** Foundry Cast - ANH Kenobi Stunt Hilts (ANH/ROTJ - V2/V3)

    Edited: 04/27/22 - More readings about my findings and experiences (and a little more photos) are logged here in my build and research thread. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE ROOTS This idea originally grew...
  24. P

    Looking for Biker Scout Helmet Foam Templates

    Anyone know where I can find some?
  25. S

    New to RPF - Light Sabers and my current ANH DL-44 Build

    Hello all! I finally made an account and thought I'd share my builds. When I was a child I saw someone in a book store with Luke RoTJ saber and I wanted one so bad it hurt. Fast forward twenty years and I'm in my shop when I have an epiphany. I am a machinist. I could fulfill my childhood...