Identification needed of prop replica "accessories"


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OK, this is probably a very long shot, but I discovered two pieces of "packaging" that came with a prop replica, but I can not remember where these belong too. It's one small narrow red ribbon and a foam white disc of about 7,5 cm. They might belong together or not, I'm not sure...

Does someone know what prop replica these items came with? I know this is very, VERY vague, but maybe there are people here on the forum that bought the exact same replica and still remember that replica came with these items. I assume it was part of the packaging.

So let's see if this post get me somewhere to identify where these things belong too. ;)


So, I noticed marks on the white foam and changed the offset to bring out the marks. Something with a non-round base, maybe some kind of "feet".
Yes, the foam was indeed used to place the prop on top of it while shipping, I think. So it's not from a gun or a large prop (like helmets, swords, whatever...). It has to be from something rather small, like a golden snitch or something a little bigger.

My only hope actually is to find someone here who bought exactly the same prop and remembers these items being used when shipping or something like that...

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