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Screen-used props you've passed up, then regretted later?

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by Crowbot, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Crowbot

    Crowbot New Member

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    Are there any screen-used props or costumes that you have had the opportunity to acquire, but didn't, then regretted it? Probably MOST items that are passed up are due to cost, but how about that one that you either just didn't think to get it, or didn't realise what it was until too late?
    In 1993, I worked at Walt Disney World in Florida. They had a store at the Disney-MGM Studios that sold autographs, costumes, and small props. There was a Cast Member store called "Bargain Basement" that sold damaged or clearance items at 75% off. Once at BB I saw a textbook with a cover for a school called "Welton". Wondered if it was from Lost and Found or something. Finally realised, a few weeks later, that it was a book from "Dead Poets Society", and I could have had it for $7.
  2. Jedifyfe

    Jedifyfe Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Great topic.

    The only thing that comes close in my book is when I was sniped on Ebay by another member here for a screen used Slice bottle from BTTF2 for $600!
  3. kwalsh0000

    kwalsh0000 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    For me it was an Ori wrist gauntlet from Stargate during Propworx auctions, it was hitting 2k at the time and i backed off, think I was second high bidder. Thinking back I really regret not going that lil bit extra, it was an amazing piece..machined extending blades etc....

    Ah day!
  4. Crowbot

    Crowbot New Member

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    I also regret not really even thinking about buying the "A" Armor from Starship Troopers that was on Ebay around 2000-01. It was about $400 for a full set, $70 for a helmet.
  5. MrSinistar

    MrSinistar Well-Known Member

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    I was so close to getting some screen-used costume hat from one of the medilab workers in Fifth Element. Lost it for a couple of bucks, lol
  6. Guardian Devil

    Guardian Devil Sr Member

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    The original 'Activating Evolution' book from the first season of Heroes. I set myself a top amount to pay and it went for almost double that :lol

    Still trying to track that down though. I'd pay more now! :facepalm
  7. jax

    jax Active Member

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    The Taxi and Hydra-cycle from Captain America....last Saturday!!!
  8. eltee

    eltee Sr Member

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    Those articulated, mechanical robot spiders from the Selleck movie "Runaway." I had the chance to buy several, only bought one. The original resin "In the Line of Fire" pistol from the prop maker, bought one, could have had the other. On both of these, I feel fortunate to have gotten one each but with the offers I have gotten for them, I'd be REALLY fortunate if I had spares to sell. Had a chance to buy an entire lot of guns from one of the major studios ... all handcrafted of wood. From the era when the real guns were being used in WWII and prop shops used extremely accurate wood replicas for non closeup shots. The craftsmanship was remarkable but I passed and now regret it.
  9. Droidboy

    Droidboy Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    The baby carriage used in The Untouchables. Sigh...
  10. LeMarchand

    LeMarchand Sr Member

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    the bonesword from "brotherhood of the wolf" and a stunt sonic rifle from "minority report"
  11. Omnedon

    Omnedon New Member

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    Being a huge Doc Savage fan, I still regret I was to young (and poor) to purchase the portable laboratory and traveling case that Doc used in a few scenes. I would happily pay far more now for it!
  12. Bra'zat

    Bra'zat Active Member

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    So many Stargate tems for me...
    The list will be too long.... :)
  13. Crowbot

    Crowbot New Member

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    I'd love to have one of those! That's one of those great, terrible movies I could just watch over and over. That's also probably one of the cheapest "Movie Car" replicas someone could build- just buy an old Ford Tempo for a few hundred bucks, paint it flat brown....
  14. VS Tony

    VS Tony New Member

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    Mine would be some of the Master Replicas Star Wars pieces.....I wasn't originally that into some of them, by the time I discovered their quality, the prices had gone way up (and they lost the license). Now, if I want it....I BUY IT!! ;)
  15. micdavis

    micdavis Master Member

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    I had a chance to buy one of the hero ALF puppets right after the show ended.

    Wish I'd bought that. I loved ALF.
  16. TomSpinaDesigns

    TomSpinaDesigns Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Wow, that wasn't one I was expecting. Pretty cool though. Alf was a lot of fun (and corny as hell!). I assume since it was so long ago, no pics?

  17. Jennigirl

    Jennigirl Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    The costume and sword used by Dolph Lundgren in Masters of the Universe. God I wanted those so badly but I just didn't have the money for them. And an original head from Harry and the Hendersons. Oh how it sucks to be poor!
  18. thegreatgalling

    thegreatgalling Sr Member

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    Obrien's tool case from DS9.
  19. SSRN Seaview

    SSRN Seaview Well-Known Member

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    Passed on couple of the lighted circuit boards from the original Lost in Space Jupiter 2 set.
    I bought two control panels in that deal. A SAGE Radar controller that was used somewhere in LIS (maybe the space pod). A cut down panel from the Spindrift, that was recycled to the POTA "escape" space ship. But I am kicking myself today for not buying everything the seller had to offer.
  20. The Prop Stop

    The Prop Stop Sr Member

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    Oh the list......if it was outbids on ebay that would go on forever.

    Strangely enough in real life "here it you want it" not so much. Let me think....

    hmmm.... point. All you do is get all teary eyed and then realise how stupid you were. Look to the future I say.

    Plenty more stuff to NOT buy at the right
  21. dcarty

    dcarty Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    There have been two Sentry Blasters from "The Black Hole" up for auction that I've seen. The first was shortly after I got married and we found out that we had brought back a, uh, "souvenir" from our Honeymoon at DisneyWorld so there was no chance of my being able/allowed to bid. Finances and justifying the purchase to my other half prevented my bidding on the second one as well.
  22. poormansjb

    poormansjb Well-Known Member

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    Ugh ... I'm thinking about two pieces and realizing they're both from the same film: The [deservedly] reviled Wild Wild West. (Yes, I know ... but the production design was pretty cool.)

    The first was Dr.Loveless' wheelchair:

    View attachment 92101

    When production wrapped, the studio did a charity auction and I recall the prop went for all of $3,500! (It cost something like $85K to make.) I was semi-unemployed at the time so it just wasn't an option. An RPF member in Canada has it today.

    The other item was a costume worn by a member of Loveless' entourage:

    View attachment 92102

    Regretted passing on one that closed on eBay for all of $100 but it turned out the seller, Backlot Props, had more (there were maybe nine total). After weeks of eMails with no reply and calls gone unanswered, I reached someone who said they'd get back to me with a price. Another few weeks passed before they responded with a quote of $5,000; I said I didn't want them all and he said that was EACH! Chose instead to wait for another auction, though invariably learned of them only after they had ended, again almost always in the $100 range. Ultimately purchased from a re-organized Backlot for a bit more, though considerably less than the interim owner had asked.

    View attachment 92103 View attachment 92104 View attachment 92108

    For the heck of it, I also picked-up one of Loveless' private militia uniforms (there are probably a half dozen of these on eBay on any given day):

    View attachment 92105 View attachment 92106 View attachment 92107
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  23. StudioCreations

    StudioCreations Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    In the late 90's I had the money, but passed on buying, a fiberglass body of the stunt Batmobile (Keaton-style) used in the official Batman Stunt show at the Six Flags Amusement Park. These were stunt-thick fiberglass, made to take a beating. -Sigh-
  24. Crowbot

    Crowbot New Member

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    I remember seeing a similar one of those at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (The short-lived mashup of Geauga Lake and Sea World Ohio). There was a driver hidden inside the hood, lying down, and Batman pretended to drive from the cockpit.
  25. Griefboy

    Griefboy Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Hero Spooner pistol from I,Robot. :facepalm
  26. Master Member

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    Griefboy, I believe Brundelfly has one for sale if you're still looking.
  27. Griefboy

    Griefboy Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    On it! Thanks Willie!
  28. Black Thorn

    Black Thorn New Member

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    For me It was a screen used ape soldier rifle and back ground masks from the first Planet of the apes movie. I did snag two screen used make up appliances that I still have, and a Hawkman helmet from Flash Gordon, but to this day I regret not getting that gorilla mask, especially as the dealer only wanted £25 for it back in the early 1980's.

    Rats. :(
  29. Propmasters

    Propmasters Member

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    that would have been a gem!

    - David
  30. drftfan

    drftfan Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Pretty much any of the batman cowls from batman & robin
  31. p51

    p51 Sr Member

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    A WW2 re-enactor supply house called At The Front sold uniforms, field gear and plastic weapons from "Saving Private Ryan" at downright ridiculously cheat prices, even then. I bought some of the stuff but I really wish I'd bought an awful lot more. It was all so cheap, people were buying the stuff and modifying it to use in re-enactments.

    I've also had the chance to buy, but turned down:
    *Complete Imperial soldier uniform from the crew of War Rocket Ajax from "Falsh Gordon"
    *"Total recall" federal guard helmet for just $40 (I still wonder why I didn't * that up)
    *"Planet of the Apes" rifle housing
    *"Band of Brothers" complete T-5 parachute
    *"Space Cowboys" space shuttle liftoff-entry suit (I passed because I thought at the time it was probably stolen from the production, now I wonder if it was really from the movie at all)
    *"Memphis Belle" (1990 movie) screen-used A-2 jacket
    *ROTJ Stormtrooper armor pieces, found by a friend of mine while picking through the California 'Endor' filming site, confirmed by three other friends of mine that saw as he stumbled across them all in one spot
    *Apollo space suit from the TV series, "Space"
    *"The Story of GI Joe" Burgess Meredith's 'Ernie Pyle' field jacket. It was NOT cheap but man I regret not biting the bullet on that
    *BUT MOST OF ALL: "Aliens" screen-used pulse rifle complete metal housing, only missing the shotgun and Tommy gun. I missed that one because the guy wanted a small fortune and I didn't have the money but man do I wish I'd been able to buy that...
  32. bsgcollecting

    bsgcollecting New Member

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    My god there's so many items from Battlestar I missed but off the top of my head...
    -Tyrol Orange Decksuit
    -Gaeta Dogtags
    -Apollo Flightsuit

    And so many more things..... Oh well I'm still looking for pretty much anything Battlestar if any collectors are reading this and fancy selling!
  33. ttownmaul520

    ttownmaul520 Member

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    the prop store was at c5 and was suppose to have had a screen used scout helmet for sale. i was going to try and buy it, but they guy was reluctant to negotiate the price with me... i should have bought it anyway. kicking myself over it.
  34. cyberpred

    cyberpred Sr Member

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    Been lucky and have gotten everything I wanted.


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