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Official Licensee
“Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.”

If you’ve seen the 1987 version of RoboCop™ starring Peter Weller (and if you haven’t, you must) you likely remember ED-209. A prototype urban-assault combat warrior produced by OCP (Omni Consumer Products), ED-209 first appears in the mega-corporation’s boardroom, where a malfunction causes it to unfortunately and violently kill a board member. It’s this seminal event that shifts OCP’s strategy to produce an experimental cyborg design … or RoboCop.

According to Phil Tippet, the legendary special-effects animator who created him, “The theory behind ED-209 was that he was built to be this terrible, formidable entity, but poorly designed and not really up to the task for which he was created. He’s a symbol of hubris, of design and industry and fascist pride. He was meant to be somewhat comical in his ineptitude, for good reason.”

Now, Chronicle Collectibles is proud to bring you the RoboCop™ ED-209 replica, signed by Phil Tippett and molded by Tippett Studio from original masters and an actual puppet used on-screen in the film.

ED-209 has almost completed the final stages of manufacturing and should be ready to ship to customers by mid-late February. These are limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide so reserve yours today! Pre-order now through our website:

Dimensions: 14.5″H x 15″W (with base)
Includes: detailed OCP (Omni Consumer Products) logo case with display plaque signed by Phil Tippett
Artist: Phil Tippett
Manufacturer/Distributor: Toynami
Licensor: ROBOCOP™ & © 1987 Orion Pictures Corporation. ©2014 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Price: $1,200 plus shipping


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