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Hello guys! As my obsession with Apocalypse Now grows, I have been looking more and more into making my own replica of the Seiko 6105 that Willard famously wears. I started doing a bunch of research on what options were out there and they were pretty slim. Unless you want to spend the $1500+ on a genuine one, reproductions are around $400. These are made by buying parts from various suppliers and building it yourself. It is not a genuine Seiko 6105. Because I am going to be making one for myself anyways, I was wondering if anyone would be interested. I would really only be charging the parts cost and shipping. It is not my goal to profit, I just anyone who wants one to be able to get one at an affordable cost!

To reiterate, This is not a genuine Seiko product, but it is a functioning watch. It reproduction made with 3rd party parts. It uses a NH35 movement and would have your choice of either a waffle strap (more accurate) or a nylon strap. If replica stuff isn't your thing I totally understand.

Here is a breakdown of the parts list and cost:
Stainless Steel 6105 watch case- $44
6105 Black Dial (with Seiko logo)- $36
Japanese NH35 automatic movement- $26
Silver hands that match original- $5
accurate waffle strap/ nylon strap- $30
optional display case back (not accurate) -$5
parts cost= $145
shipping anywhere in the US- $15
labor cost-$40

The reference video I will be using can be found here:

I have not ordered anything yet, so if you are interested let me know!

UPDATE: I have just finished my build of the 6105, and have added new photos of my watch!


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