Unlimited Run Star Trek: Picard, Away Jackets, Now Taking Orders!


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Ok, we are now taking pre-orders orders!

Pre-sale is officially over. Thank you to all of you who jumped in early!

I have made separate listings for each color:
WM Red 3.jpg

WM Gold 2.jpg

WM Blue 3.jpg

Shipping is included worldwide in the cost.

The photos do not yet show the female cut, which has some slight design changes, but there is an illustration.

All male jackets will be one set pattern, and all female jackets will be slightly different. But there won't be "Riker" and "LaForge" versions.

Shipping of the pre-orders will begin asap, starting with the burgundy ones. We are still finalizing the blue color, and working to make sure the gold is going to be a good permanent dye.

Hey Star Trek fans, I'm working with Jameel Ur to offer the command jackets from Star Trek: Picard. Pretty much the slickest thing I've seen from all of ST.

Red, Blue, and Yellow will be the options.



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I'd love to see where he says this! Was it an interview?
He says it at the end of this video (6:12 mark)...

He says it at the end of this video (6:12 mark)...

Very cool. I also thought Crusher's first jacket looks like a nod to Kirk's Wrath of Kahn red field jacket, with the high, thick ribbed white collar interior.
You too huh? I was just giving him pictures and suggestions like how the holes are mini deltas.
Thanks un chakal, initially I started interest thread but I thought, it could be big project if we do as joint venture.
I have already some projects that I have to complete ASAP.
Thanks for your support.

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