1. Vormz

    Robocop Helmet

    Hi, I'm selling this 3 parts Robocop Helmet. Always used on foam head for display but it's wearable. Paint job has been done by a professional car painter with 3 tones colors (silver, purple/blue metallic hues) I don't know the maker of this helmet, but it seems made of vinyl. The paint has some...
  2. RoboForceGo

    ED-209 1/12 Scratch Build WIP

    Hello! I wanted to share a project that I've been working on for about a year now. ED-209 is one of my all time favorite robot designs, but I've always been disappointed with the kits that have been available on the market. Last summer I picked up ZBrush for the purpose of sculpting my own...
  3. TXTrooper

    Galactic Swag Expo 2019 July 27th & 28th

    I wanted to let everyone know that our 2nd Galactic Swag Expo will be on July 27th & 28th. This year we are teaming up with the Esports Stadium in Arlington, TX. Our first show last year went pretty well except for the flooding on Saturday but we still had a nice turn out. Along with even more...
  4. mutronics

    Robocop 1/1 scale Resin Helmet Kit

    I have remoulded my Robocop Helmet and have kits available for sale. These come in 5 parts and are available as an unpainted kit or built and painted. Unpainted is £150 plus postage Painted is £250 plus postage Uk postage is £11.00 Wordwide is £24.70 Postage is approximate and will vary on...
  5. savmagoett

    1987 Robocop prop robot arm recreation (help welcome)

    Hello everyone :) This robot arm in the birth scene of Robocop made an impression on me as a kid. Together with the endoskeleton arm reveal scene from T2, it triggered my fascination for robots hands. It was constructed by Rob Bottin and featured some parts of the final Robocop armor suit, such...
  6. mutronics

    Robocop Helmet Paints

    Just finished painting the last of my Robocop Helmets Thanks for the painting tips Keith Pete
  7. sandbagger

    ED209 question. (2014)

    If anyone has access to a ThreeZero figurine of the 2014 ED209, there's a couple of areas I'm interested in to find out how it all connects. All the videos and photos I've seen so far just don't show it well enough. Need to get right in with a camera and/or video to show in all those nooks and...
  8. sandbagger

    Builds By Baz - ED 209 (Robocop 2014)

    There seems to be a lack of material on google searches and the limited figurines out there are as expensive as heck. It would be much cheaper and more fun to build one. I'm toying with the idea of this being my next project after the Viper. Early days yet, but I keep coming back to it and...
  9. Electronic Lids

    Want to Buy hot toys Robocop battle damaged in box

    Looking to buy or trade for one of these, message me if interested Cheers EL
  10. Q

    Want to Buy Robocop Helmet STL

    Hello, im from Germany and search the STL for the Robocop Helmet quickly. Sure not for free i know. Thanks :)
  11. MattgomeryBurns

    DIY RoboCop ED-209 Costume

    Saw this on Gizmodo - pretty cool! How to Build a Lifesize RoboCop ED-209 Costume You'll Want to Wear All Year Round
  12. Zaeaen

    Help needed for Robocop Auto 9

    Hi guys, recently i have been thinking about making a replica of the Auto 9 pistol from the 1987 movie Robocop, my one problem is that i cannot find many good source images of the gun to work from. Can someone please help and provide either links to images or...
  13. judgedredd

    Want to Buy Robocop armour parts

    Hi anyone know where i can buy Robocop Armour parts? Weller version of course :) Thanks
  14. N

    Lifesize ED-209 Project - UK

    Hi All, For the last year I have been working on building a lifesize ED-209 from the 1987 film robocop. I am not the first person to do this, in fact my inspiration was Shawn Thorsson who built is a couple of years back and did a whole series with Make about it, here is his forum post with...
  15. RoboTrap

    RoboCop GQ Model - WIP

    I've finally resurrected my old RoboCop project, and decided to give the RPF a taste of where I'm sitting right now! When I started these files, the idea was to go the Pepakura route due to never in a million years being able to afford 3D printing. As the model has become more complex - and 3D...
  16. GordonTarpley

    Classic RoboCop Helmet Build

    about 95% done with a custom RoboCop helmet and figured I could start posting some photos. Early photo of the sculpt (ugly stages!), which was done on the client's lifecast for a proper fit, We were especially concerned with getting the jaw to wear correctly which is an issue with quite a few...
  17. B

    Whats under your suit?

    I've looked around this site for a while, and I haven't seen the answers to some pressing questions I have regarding a pep Ironman suit I have been working on. Namely, how do *you* attach your suit to your body? What do you do for feet? I have worn medieval style armor, which essentially hangs...
  18. F

    Robocop Auto 9 toy paint job

    I've seen a couple posts of people taking cheap Auto 9 knockoffs, taking some paint to it, and getting a really cheap Robocop prop, so I decided to throw my hat into the ring. I found a $10 plastic gun on eBay, and it finally got here today. It doesn't have any markings on the gun or label to...
  19. Chronicle

    Limited Run RoboCop2™ Cain

    “Cain! Let’s step outside!” The 1990 film RoboCop2™ introduced the world to one of science-fiction film’s most menacing characters, the Cain cyborg. With a power-hungry psychopathic drug-lord as its human base, and an unscrupulous business as its creator, Cain wreaks havoc on the innocent...
  20. Chronicle

    Limited Run RoboCop™ ED-209 - Pre-Order Now

    “Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.” If you’ve seen the 1987 version of RoboCop™ starring Peter Weller (and if you haven’t, you must) you likely remember ED-209. A prototype urban-assault combat warrior produced by OCP (Omni Consumer Products), ED-209 first appears in...
  21. Tommyfilth

    Ed209 Foam build costume

    So far I've gotten to about the 70% mark with this build. I've been flattening a 3d model I found and creating my own templates, I've also created some tools and working procedures that I will share later on after "Robocop The Musical" is up and running. This will be the third time we have...
  22. Dax79 - RoboCop 1987

    Dax79 - RoboCop 1987

  23. Dax79

    Robocop - Dax79's 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    I have decided to make a 1987 Robocop for Halloween. I will make him from EVA foam as my child has it on her floor and the wife wants to get rid of it. First I googled Robocop and searched the net for inspiration. A week later I decided it was time to start. I have REF pictures, random PEP...
  24. R

    EM-208 droid from ROBOCOP (2014) -screen used - Needs chest armour and arms

    I bought this from a Hollywood Auction but it is missing the chest armour and arms. What would it cost to hire a someone to create a PDO so I use Pepakura Designer to build the missing parts? And who do I talk to? Thanks everyone. I'm still fairly new to this.
  25. FXFuzion

    Robocop foam suit build

    So I am building (attempting to) the 1987 Robocop suit. I started with the pep files from another RPF thread and will be using a mix of them and doing the design myself. This is my first attempt at a foam build and I dont think I could have picked a harder one to start with.