Limited Run LIST NOW CLOSED Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Ecto Goggles

The cold snap is slowing us down a bit, but we’ve gotten one competed and another 5 are on the bench. The other 10 are at various stages of prep and paint. I’ll be adding photos soon. Mold is holding strong, so we may be able to squeak out a few more

Thanks all!
Just a quick middle of the night can’t sleep update.

Part pulls are moving along, headtstraps arrived, decals printed up.

Molds are holding up nicely, so we may be able to expand the run. Stay tuned! :)
That's a great update, and this is fun, as more and more is learned bout the new movie at the same time.
We’re hammering away on the first batch of ten, and one or two are ready to ship.

All 20 cast, molds look really good. I’m sure everyone is super excited thanks to the trailer today!!

Look for the list to open back up later this week!
Rhett J Martin, please out me down for the second run, thanks!
Me too! All 20 cast up, knocking through the first 10! They’re lookin’ pretty good, and the molds are just fine. Opening the run back up, and I think we’ll make it to 40!


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