polyurethane casting resin


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Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative to the plastic two part resins like easyflo
I think marine repairs use a product that is almost the same only comes in larger amounts
and is cheaper because it is unbranded.... I have seen a product called Max Bond resin?
by the way I am in the UK..


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I've also used SG2000 and would recommend. Good detail, very fast cure and you don't get the strong unpleasant smell as with a lot of other resins. It's one of the cheaper products I've found. There's also Jesmonite which I think is cheaper but haven't used yet.


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I also use the sg2000

One of its selling points is it accepts paint better than others.

Tried some stuff from cfsnet and it STANK so avoid that.

Don't scrimp on materials, you get what you pay for. I always try and use good quality gear.
And nothing gets posted without me being happy to receive it.

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