paging Star Wars people - photo request


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Hi everyone,

If someone has (public) better resolution images from this promo shoot it would be greatly appreciated! I am working on Luke Vader Shared Graflex stunt research AND MPP bladed stunt research and clamp-downwards there are still some mysteries. I'm onto something, but i'm realizing we need more info. If it's out there, and public, let me know!



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If it helps people, this is what I’m researching

1) damage and repair to the endcap of the DV6 lightsaber. It looks like the damage happened before it was used for Vader.

2) attachment methods for the bottom of the DV6 saber, also any alterations to the saber when it was bladed in 1979 for Luke

3) any attachments in the clamp area of the LV stunt

4) black bolt placement of the lower MPP core and any bolts for the upper MPP core

5) or I’m wrong and there’s only one core but I’ve seen wires

6) more detail on the MPP blades but I’ve seen a decent amount of detail, the core pokes out a little over the rim of the MPP shroud.

7) oh yea, what temporary bolt was used in the bunny ears


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Blades look like fabric to me, what you thinking tom?
I’m thinking the same thing, honestly it looks like the gray Chinese fabric I’m using now. I wonder if the patent ran out and 3M upgraded to thicker fabric, tape, etc and other people could make the gray stuff

Those wrinkles easily happen after you apply the glue and stick it down, I’ve peeled and pulled it tight a few times right away which helps get rid of them.

When you damage the fabric, like hitting it, it scratches some of the glass leaving a mark

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