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In the spirit of Dave Goldberg, who taught many of us most of what we know, in the spirit of teaching, generosity, and sharing, this thread will be a long, slow, collective build of the 5-foot (66 inches) Millennium Falcon.

Inspired by Lee Malone, Sean Sides, and the hard work of parts-mapping, photogrammetry, CAD profiling, and figuring out the dimensions that Faustus100 (RIP), Maruska, Eagle1, Geek1138, and many others have done, this is by no means original or the first. By "OUR" I mean to make this a collective build, in which I share what I have learned, and you share in similar spirit whatever you are willing to share. I suspect this will take me not less than three years, based on how long the Y-Wing took me, my relative newbie status, and my "slow-but-steady" tortoise-not-a-hare approach to building things in which I far prefer to build 3 prototypes in order to get the 4th one right rather than slap something on just because it looks "pretty good."

I have no pretensions to being able to offer you something you can't do better on your own. I'm not a secret gnostic hoarder of the many greeblie secrets that many RPFers like to hold onto, but actually enjoy a richer and more enjoyable life by sharing, and hope you do to. My impression is that this attitude is largely driven by a.) scarcity of original models left on the market combined with b.) a desire to decrease competition when bidding on old plastic kits on Ebay. Happily for this thread, at least, I already have (and so do many of you) the source kits for the Y-Wing, and over 100 of those are the same kits that go into the Millennium Falcon, so where there's a new kit, especially a rare one, you can also happily expect me to share it with you via a one-part or two-part casting of the hard-to-find kit in question.

What I would like, in return for my efforts, is your serious and HARSH critique of what I get wrong, what looks off, and where I'm screwing things up. So if you see a mistake or a flaw, call me on it, and I'll appreciate it -- one thing Marshall McLuhan taught me was that "critics are free editors" and so if I can improve my work by your critiques, I eagerly welcome your critiques.

Here, to start you off, is Prototype 4 of the 6 required engine vent rings, so that we can begin this thread with the proverbial, "Gentleman, start your ENGINES!!!"

Meanwhile, updates on what's on offer for this Five-Footer Falcon can be found on the Project Runs page.


  • falcon.vent.assembly.pdf
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And the .STL files of my vents in case you want to print your own, are available by PMing me. When I try to upload them here, I get an error message that says "The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension." Anyone know why that is, or how to solve this problem?
Man! Hats off! I hope to be able to tackle this one someday, so I am very happy to see someone else going down the road again, especially you!
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Some pictures to show what we're up to...
Vent Ring.JPG

Here's what inner and outer ring look like printed out on a Formlabs 2 printer.

Vent Ring Complete.JPG

Here's what it looks like when assembled with vintage KoolShade louvre inserted.


Here it is held up to the light, so you can see through it.
Great progress Kitbash, really looking forward to seeing your build slowly take shape here.

All the best for the build ahead!
Here's your rear lip flat pattern measurements
Rear Lip Flat Pattern.PNG
(need 2) assuming your using a full 48" O.D. for the main body/blown domes for upper and lower halves...

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Mandible pits... are the pits.

3 inch diameter pits are too small -- the opening is 3 inches, the pits below need to be larger.
3.25 inch diameter pits are ALSO too small -- certain greeblies can't fit or just don't look right in that size.
3.5 inch diameter pits are JUST right. So the Plastruct order you want for your pits is TB-350 (18 inches gives you enough to make 8 of them)

Adding the bases, then trimming... here's steps 1-4 if you read it like a comic book..
Mandible Pits 4 stages.jpg
Great approach to the pits! I wouldn't have thought to use the plastruct tube for these. I had figured on rolling thin styrene sheet instead.

Very tidy solution.
Nice work! I went for the same approach, you may know this already..just make sure that the ones that go between the mandibles are not only cut back in depth, but the height needs to be adjusted on the right hand Kettengrad part (looking into the jaw boxes) otherwise it will be too tall in relation to the assembly that sits behind them.
(The master was made first as per your offering in the junkyard, just had to modify them) (y)
ESB version
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Good call! I was wondering why the right side looked so "high" in the back compared to the left, on the Kettenkrad engine block greeblie. So this whole thing needs shaving down underneath, am I right?

The visual appearance of it appeals to me -- one of my very favorite aspects of these ships is their symmetrical asymmetry, and to me this was a little Easter egg of that variety. But for architectural purposes, if it has to go then it has to go...


To get around this, I took the casts and removed the right hand side Kettengrad part very carefully with a razor saw, then sanded from behind down to the correct height, layed the main piece down on tracing paper on a level surface and glued the parts back together with CA. After it had bonded, it was just a matter of re-sanding the back to remove the tracing paper and any glue residue to leave a flat surface again.
This only needs to be done for the jaw section details, the master that you made is still correct for the rear maintenance pit.

Hope this helps (y)
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