One More 5 Footer Falcon


Hi Everyone,
Now is the time to start my thread about my 5Foot Falcon Build. My journey started in January this year when I spotted a project run on this website and decided to pull the trigger on the build of a replica of this awesome filming model.

Firstly, I have to thank both Studio Kitbash and Eagle1 for their continued help, encouragement and advise as well as all of the other members who contributed to the parts maps and dimensional studies.

I can honestly say that I would not have attempted this model without the help of this fantastic community.

Following the news that my quarter domes were in production in September by Eagle1 I quickly commissioned some cnc core parts in birch plywood.
I received the core parts and quickly built an armature and assembled a structure to support the domes that I received on October 4th.

After assembling almost all of my core and after a couple of messages between myself and Eagle1 it was pointed out that my core sidewall height looked a little tall. I then realised that I was using older(out of date) information and I had to dismantle the core in order to save some of the parts.

A telephone call and a day or so later I picked up my replacement internal core parts and re-commenced construction. I have to thank Patrick at Northern CNC in the UK for a very speedy service and for his enthusiasm for my project.
For anyone in the Uk I would recommend him for any CNC wood or plastic parts.


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Here are some more pictures of the corrected core and then cutting of the dome quarters.
Following a miscalculation and during construction I realised this thing was going to get pretty heavy and I started cutting lightening holes in the core as you can see in the photos.
I am currently in the process of cutting the lower hull dome parts and getting ready to glue them to the core.

More soon.


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Thanks joberg, It’ll not be long until the next update, I’m just busy sanding the lower domes to get a good fit and then I can trim the edges.
I have a business and that’s the rear workshop area, it’s in a real mess at the moment with black ABS particles and sawdust everywhere, it needs a really good tidy up.
Once I finish the core it will be going to my house.
Fantastic to see you here starting a build thread mate, I'm sure this is going to be an epic journey & one that other builders can relish!.
Your core is looking great to my eye, happy we got that sorted before you got too far along!.
It's very humbling on my part to see one of my dome sets actually being utilized & very successfull at that. In a way, you're making it look easy haha.
Anyhoo, a terrific start mate, keep it up & myself & the community here are only too glad to help.

Hi All,
I thought it was about time I posted some pictures to show the progress I’ve made with my build.

I have slowed down a little since my first post due to work and family commitments and also the need to verify my hull dimension before proceeding any further. Now that I’m happy with my hull it should be full steam ahead for a while at least.

I have cut a test cockpit tube as shown in the pictures, this was quite tricky to do and I cracked the acrylic tube in the process, this tube will now be use as a template, I will wrap it with masking tape, trim the tape back and the use it to wrap around some more tube to enable me to cut the same shape again.

As you can see, I have now built the (basic)walkways using a jig that I made to sand a mitre on the edges of the plastic sheet, this enabled me to get a nice clean edge on the corners.
I used double sided removable tape to stick wet and dry sandpaper to the dome of the ship and then I used a second jig I made to hold the side panels at the correct angle and sanded the bottom edges to fit the radius of the dome perfectly.
I’ve now started the landing gear box on the rear underside of the ship and should have more to show soon.


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I almost forgot about the other parts I have been building. Picture 1 is the first of two docking rings I printed, picture 2 is my Matilda plate, almost complete now, picture 3 is the jig I made to match the radius of my core that I shaped my pre-curved plates to match and picture 4 is of my falgal plate which has progressed a little more since this picture but still requires a few parts to be attached.


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Fantastic progress GTMill. Very neat and tidy construction. Almost too neat for this old girl.

BTW, I love the custom sanding jig. Looks to make short work of sanding complicated bevels.

Well done!

Thanks Bjorn, I can’t wait to get the jaw-boxes and the mandibles finished and get the girl home to start the armour plating and stick some kit parts on.
I’ve managed to get the Rear landing gear bay and the Jaw boxes done and I’m now on making the mandibles.


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