Done / Completed Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 1 TPM Resin Cast Stunt Lightsaber

For those that don't know I have been conducting extensive research and development towards accurately recreating the production used stunt lightsabers. My R&D thread can be found here:

Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 1 Resin Stunt Lightsaber Research

The original stunt props were cast in an off-white polyurethane resin using a mold created from the original metal hero prop. For this project I have created a similar mold using my own personal replica from the recent hero run I worked on with the venerable Anakin Starkiller.

View attachment 1732816
Raw casting with threaded rod on top, painted casting without threaded rod on bottom.

The original mold was a cut type mold which resulted in each casting only having a single seam line. I have devoted a lot of time and effort to develop an equivalent mold that, like the original, results in a single seam line running down the "back" of the lightsaber (180° from the red button). Each replica will be pressure cast using a similar off-white polyurethane resin (currently I am using Smooth-on Smooth-Cast 321). Here are some additional examples of the recent castings I have produced:

View attachment 1732815View attachment 1732817View attachment 1732818View attachment 1732819View attachment 1732821

My original intent was to offer these castings fully painted with an accurate recreation of the fluorescent green aluminum stunt blades used for filming. However, in the research thread it became apparent that many people are interested in unfinished raw castings and may not want stunt blades. As such I wanted to get this interest thread going to see what options people are interested in. First, some disclaimers:

RESIN CASTING DISCLAIMER: Just in case anyone is not familiar with the resin casting process, I want to make it very clear that the process inherently yields flawed results. While I take every effort to produce the best casting possible, the process naturally involves seam lines, bubbles, and other imperfections. As mentioned above I am using a type of mold that should minimize the seam lines and I will be using a pressure pot to minimize the bubbles. However, each raw castings will require some sanding and filling! Furthermore, I am just one man (with a full-time day job), not a production shop. As such, each casting will be handmade and no two castings will be identical.

Here is an example of one of the worst case seam lines (taken at an angle and with lighting intended to accentuate the seam line). This can be removed and become invisible with some time and sanding:
View attachment 1732820

  • Raw unpainted resin castingstraight out of the mold with embedded threaded rod
    • First casting = $120 shipped in the contiguous United States (International shipping will have to be handled on a case-by-case basis)
    • Subsequent castings ordered at the same time = $100
    • Castings without embedded threaded rod can be made available upon request!
  • NO LONGER OFFERING PAINTED COMMISSIONS - ADD-ON SERVICE: Full Cleanup and Painting Commission with Accurate Custom Ordered Spray Paints: $150 per saber
    • Price subject to change! This is a pretty time-consuming multi-stage process that adds up to more than a few hours of work per saber. Unfortunately, the only thing batching them together really saves me is having to shake the rattle cans less.
    • Can be finished as a featureless stunt saber upon request
  • Painted Stunt Blade: Fluorescent Green Shrink Wrapped Aluminum Tube Stunt Blade: $100 + shipping
    • Features: Aluminum 36" long, 3/4" OD tube, custom machined threaded aluminum insert (to attach to saber), retention set screws, bright green fluorescent paint, and clear shrink wrap
    • Since these are oversize items, it is hard to accurately estimate shipping costs, should be $35 or less for a single blade shipped to most of the contiguous US
  • Unpainted Stunt Blade: $70 + shipping
    • Same aluminum tubing, custom threaded insert, and retention screws as above minus the painting and the shrink wrap
    • Note that bare aluminum tubing often comes with identification markings printed on the outside of the tube, this should be easily removable with sanding (or easily painted over)
    • Since these are oversize items, it is hard to accurately estimate shipping costs, should be $35 or less for a single blade shipped to most of the contiguous US

  • POSSIBLE FUTURE OFFERING Machined Aluminum Emitter Bezel and Steel Fender Washer: Estimated @ $50 to $100
    • For anyone interested in recreating the Prop Store Hero/Stunt saber I am still working with a couple fab shops to get quotes for these. I'm not sure if I will offer these as separate loose parts for people to install or if I will be able to modify the resin castings myself. Regardless, I want to gauge interest based on a conservative price. If there's enough interest I will get formal quotes from shops and work up a prototype to help determine final pricing.

If you are interested, please reply to this thread with what options you are interested in! Thank you all very much!

Raw Casting Interest List
Shipped113doctorwhoNo threaded rodYPaid
Shipped3DRambo87No threaded rodYPaid
Shipped4DRambo87No threaded rodYPaid
Shipped5DRambo87No threaded rodYPaid
Shipped6DRambo87No threaded rodYPaid
Shipped9DannLonger Threaded Rod ProtrusionYPaid
Shipped11StevenBillsNo threaded rodYPaid
Shipped12UnchartedLeatherNo threaded rodYPaid
Shipped13UnchartedLeatherNo threaded rodYPaid
Shipped14JAC5Longer Threaded Rod ProtrusionYPaid
Shipped15JAC5No threaded rodYPaid
Invoice Sent 10/916HalliwaxYSent
Casting in-work17TK-FettY
18MasterHurdLonger Threaded Rod ProtrusionY
19NCC1027Longer Threaded Rod Protrusion

Painted Commission Interest List:
Shipped1xsaenzLonger Threaded Rod ProtrusionYPaid
In-work2corliss1No threaded rod
In-work3corliss1Featureless Stunt

Metal Emitter Parts Interest List:

Stunt Blade Interest List:
Are you still offering stunt castings of this saber?
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Unfortunately, I am unable to take any further orders for these stunt sabers. The mold is very much at the end of its life! For those of you on the interest list I am still very slowly working my way through! It has just been a very busy end of year at work and holiday season with family!

Just to re-iterate if you are on the interest list on the first page I will do everything I can to fulfill your request!

I hope everyone had a great holiday and safe New Years to all!
Well, I did a much better job finishing the metal Dewy/ AS Obi tpm hero than this stunt but I'm still pretty happy with how it came out. At first, I had the grips all black like most of the rest of the people who've posted their results then decided I wanted the inside silver because I hate myself (jk it was just way harder than I thought and messed up my silver to black transition lines which had to be then redone.) Anyway, here it is, just needs a blade. Thanks again Dewy!


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Damn, I really wanna get one but my painting skills are… weak. And I saw the painted option is gone. Is there anyone who’s painting them for us losers who live in crappy hi-rises and can’t setup a good workshop lol.
Damn, I really wanna get one but my painting skills are… weak. And I saw the painted option is gone. Is there anyone who’s painting them for us losers who live in crappy hi-rises and can’t setup a good workshop lol.
Unfortunately, I don’t think he is selling them at all anymore.

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