Obi-Wan (IV) Lightsaber completed at last!

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by simon_lewis, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. simon_lewis

    simon_lewis New Member

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    Hello all.

    Just thought I'd post some pictures of my completed Obi-Wan lightsaber replica from the original trilogy. I've finally got round to fiting the excellent transistor replicas made by Stormpath (fantastic quality and attention to detail I must say.) and dirtied it down. The brass parts worked out well but I still can't find a way to age aluminium properly so I've just used car paint.

    You can see more photos at:
    Lightsaber page

    Cheers for now,

  2. Crimsonnaire

    Crimsonnaire Well-Known Member

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    Great replica. Congratulations.

    One day, you might even be able to upgrade that saber with the recently-identified original parts, such as the gear and emitter. Be ready to pay a fortune, though.
  3. amish

    amish Sr Member

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    The brass part of the grenade looks great. Actually the entire saber looks excellent.

    How did you weather the brass?
  4. franz bolo

    franz bolo Sr Member

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    Nice. Are you going to weather the clamp?

    I am getting used to seeing real accurate parts though since all the new finds, and It's hard to look at an OWK without being overly critical.

  5. stormpath

    stormpath Active Member

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    very nice... great weathered on brass and emitter...

    I am glad see my transistors on your collection... :D
  6. p0sitr0nic

    p0sitr0nic Well-Known Member

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    As ive said in other threads...Im not a big huge fan of the OWK (4) saber, but its always nice to see a good replica, nice work on the weathering.
  7. Sporak

    Sporak Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    You just can't do that saber wrong :)
    She's a beauty.

    How did you weather that brass like that?

    I also note the beveled emitter rather than the stock Parks emitter...Very nice.
    I chose to make my Parks a clean version and swapped out the emitter with a Chen...

    I LOVE the variations possible with this particular saber...

  8. simon_lewis

    simon_lewis New Member

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    Thanks very much for your kind comments.

    I'm pleased with my OWK saber - the Stormpath transistor replicas finish it off nicely.

    I weathered the brass by dunking it in Patina solution (look on stained glass window web sites) after leaving it in a mild acid solution (I got a friend to do it for me so I'm afraid I don't know what it was) and that seemed to work a treat. I then hit it all with a hammer (.) to age it. The emitter came from Romans.


  9. Darth Kahnt

    Darth Kahnt Sr Member

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    :thumbsup Great work, as was already said the brass looks awesome.
  10. Pauleysolo

    Pauleysolo Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Well done- that is my favorite Star Wrs prop- period..
  11. Hez

    Hez Well-Known Member

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    That does look nice. Did you try aluminium black on the emitter? I always found that that made a pretty awesome result. You can also get a good result on brass using (surprise) brass black. At least, that was what I used to use. :)
  12. OldKen

    OldKen Master Member

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    that emmiter has to be one of romans recent ones, it has the correct slanted hole ring inside. very nice.

    yeah the only thing you need is to weather up that graflex clamp and handwheel and your all set. :thumbsup :thumbsup

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